Forever and Always

Savannah has her sight back, she and Harry are together. But when problems arise for the gang, will it be forever and always?

Sequel to "The Blind will See"


28. Waking Up - Savannah's P.O.V.


Savannah's P.O.V.

I woke up in Harry's arms. I smile. His arms were my favorite place to sleep. I look up at Harry. He's still asleep. I reach up and kiss his lips. He starts to smile. He opens his eyes and looks down at me.

"Hey beautiful." he says to me and then kisses my forehead.

"Hey handsome." I reply.

We smile and kiss.

We get up and take showers. I decided to wear some aqua colored skinny jeans with a sparkly One Direction "Take Me Home" album cover tank top. I put my black TOMS on and put my hair into a side braid. 

I look in my mirror and quickly put some mascara and a little lip gloss on.

As I walk out of the bathroom, there Harry is, fully dressed, sitting on our bed. He was wearing a pair of tan skinny jeans and a dark blue t-shirt.

He looked stunning, as always of course.

He gets up and hugs me. I hug him back. 

When we pull apart, Harry looks at my outfit.

"You look beautiful today." He says.

"Why thank you Harry." I reply.

He leans in and kisses me. When the kiss is over, we all want to a diner and eat, cause we still had no food in the fridge because Niall kept eating it all. Typical Niall Horan ladies and gentlemen.

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