Forever and Always

Savannah has her sight back, she and Harry are together. But when problems arise for the gang, will it be forever and always?

Sequel to "The Blind will See"


6. Sweet 16 - Savannah's P.O.V.

After breakfast, we started to decorate the house for my party. I called the girls and they came over and help us. We got done and decided to make the food together. We made fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, sweet and sour pork, and a stir-fry. We also made my cake. It was a vanilla, 3 tier cake, with black and white butter-cream icing. It was so beautiful. Then we just hung out for a couple of hours. Then it was finally for the party to start. We all went upstairs to get dressed. The girls got out their dresses. It was beautiful. It was floor length, purple, and strapless. Randa's was also floor length, but was blue and had straps. Monica's was knee length and maroon. They were all so beautiful. They help me put my dress on and do my make-up. Kaelyn curls my hair and then we are ready to go. We went downstairs. In the hallway, there the boys were, dressed so good. I walked to Harry and kissed his check. "Hey babe." I say to him. "You are ssssssoooo beautiful, love. I LOVE your dress." he replies. "Thanks babe." I say. We smile. The party was lots of fun. We ate food and dance the night away. We finally go to bed at 4 in the morning. We all sleep in the living room floor. But before we went to bed, Zayn told me he had to talk to me in the kitchen. "I know its late and all, but I've been dieing to tell you something. I love you Sava......." He didn't even finish as I walked out of the door and went to lay down next to Harry. He puts his arms around my waist and kisses my head. "Happy birthday, babe. I love you." he says into my ear. Minutes later, he's snoring and I let all the tears go. Why? On my birthday of all days! Why?

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