Forever and Always

Savannah has her sight back, she and Harry are together. But when problems arise for the gang, will it be forever and always?

Sequel to "The Blind will See"


20. Rock Me - Savannah's P.O.V.

Once I got to the concert and was seated, it was ready to start. The music to my favorite song on their second album, Take Me Home, started to play. It was Rock Me! I just love that song! Harry and the lads come out. Harry starts to sing. "Do you remember summer 09?" The whole crowd cheers. Harry sees me staring at him and waves. I wave back. We smile at each-other. The rest of the concert went wonderful. These are the songs they did, (which I know all the words to btw.) Rock Me, I Would, One Thing, Tell Me a Lie, She's Not Afraid, Summer Love, Irresistible, and of course What Makes You Beautiful. And the the WHOLE concert, Harry sang to me. When the concert was over, Paul came and got me and brought me backstage. We were backstage and on our way to the boys dressing rooms when I saw them in the hall. I stopped dead in my tracks and just stared at them, "Harry!" I yell. He looks up and sees me. Then I just run. The rest of the boys see me running and smile. When I get to where they are, I hug them all. "I love you guys so much!" I say to them. "We love you too!" They say back. We all smile. We leave the concert and go back to their back flat. We decide to watch Brave cause Niall liked all the Scottish accents. I laughed at this. We got blankets and all cuddled on the floor. I had missed this. I stayed at their flat that night. The next morning, I woke up first. I looked at my phone, it was 6:30! Our plane left at 8:00! I woke everyone up and we all packed. They dropped me off at my house real quick so I could pack. We get to the airport at 7:30. We go through security and then waited for 15 minutes. Then we started to board the plane. I grabbed Harry's hand as we boarded. He kisses me. I smile. He smiles. "I love you Mr. Styles." I say to him. He replies. "I love you too Mrs. Sty... I mean Schneider.

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