Forever and Always

Savannah has her sight back, she and Harry are together. But when problems arise for the gang, will it be forever and always?

Sequel to "The Blind will See"


31. A Wonderful Night - Savannah's P.O.V.


Savannah's P.O.V.

As soon as I got home, I ran to my rooms and there was Perrie, Dani, El, and Demi. We all hugged and talked for a couple of minutes. Then Perrie said "We have to get you ready for your date, Savannah!"

El did my make-up, Dani did my hair.

When I was done, Perrie went to the closet to get my "special dress".

It was floor length, strapless, and a beautiful aqua color. It was sparkly and just so beautiful.

They helped me put it on.  I got some white ballet flats, a small white clutch, and a white wrap. I was ready to go.

"How do I look?" I asked the girls.

"Beautiful!" said Perrie.

"Stunning." said Dani.

"Angelic." said El.

I thanked them and headed downstairs. There was Harry, in a white tux and aqua tie.

He smiled at me and presented me with a white rose corsage.

"You look absolutely beautiful Savannah." he said in my ear.

"Thanks, you look handsome as well Harry." I reply.

We walk hand in hand to a white limo. We drive to the London Eye and got out.

In front of the London Eye was a small white table and 2 chairs. On top of the table was a single red rose and 2 covered dinners.

He helped me into my seat then sat down himself.

I took the cover off my dinner.


Our favorite.

I smiled.

We ate our tacos in silence for about 5 minutes. Then Harry cleared his throat and looked at me.

"Savannah, there is a reason for this date. I wanted it to be really special when I ask you this question." He said. he looked so serious.

"What could he be asking me?" I thought to myself.

"OK Harry." I reply.

"I know that you are turning 17 next week, the question I'm gonna ask, I'm not asking to do it right away, I just want to ask you, OK?" He says to me.

I nod my head as he reaches across the table and holds my hand. We smile at each other for a little while.

Then all of a sudden, I hear an airplane over head.

I look up.

It's carrying a banner behind it. My heart and whole body stopped.

The banner said "Savannah, will you marry me? xx"

I turn back to Harry and in his hand is a box, with a beautiful ring in it.

"So, will you marry me Savannah?"

I didn't know what to say. I never saw this coming...

I opened my mouth, "I would.."

He stared at me with love and affection.

"I would love to marry you Harry!"

I jump up and hug him.

We kiss and he puts the ring on my finger.

"Harry, lets get married as soon as possible, OK?" I say.

"OK, beautiful." He replies.

For the rest of the night, we kiss, dance, and just love each other.

I look Harry in the face and say "I love you Harry Edward Styles."

"I love you Savannah Rose Schneider Styles to be." He replies.

We smile and kiss.

I am getting married!!!!

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