halloween tricks

could do with any criticism- its for my schools contest. thanks xxx


1. halloween tricks



So what if I have a wicked sense of humour?

Trust me; I’d rather kill you sooner,

So do you blame it on me being Goth?

Or that I am always feeling wroth?

But here I am in this old haunted house,

And my imagination is creating creatures more than a mouse,

And now I'm shaking because I'm petrified,

So I think it’s time that I do confide,

That I do get scared because I'm still not that Emo,

So when I walk down the hall don’t stare ‘coz I'm not some kind of freak show.


So this is Halloween,

Telling things, previously unforeseen,

It creates a mischievous atmosphere,

Making people shed a tear,

Of course out of fear!


But now I'm in this lonely mansion,

Don’t make the same mistake I did, so pay attention,

With shadows swirling around me,

And the wind whistling through a tree,

Something brushes against my leg making me scream,

But all is not what it seems,

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll be alright alone,

Think it’ll be a great idea for a poem?

‘Shame you won’t get to write it down,

Because here come’s a clown,

Or a witch, wolf or vampire,

Or are you just exaggerating, a liar?


And here come the choir and their tiny violins,

 Or would you rather me get you the pins,

So you can stick them in your eyes?

This compared to being eaten alive,

Or buried alive, hanging on to the hope that you’ll survive,

Or would you hang from a rope?


Oh so you think that I’m constantly practicing voodoo,

So that’s why you always avoid me, it must be such an inconvenience too you,

Oh sorry did you want me to see something,

(That probably means nothing),

Well if I cared then maybe I’d give it a look,

But frankly I think you suck.

  No offense, of course,

But that doesn’t mean I’ll show remorse!


So hope you enjoyed reading this,

Hope you don’t feel depressed with everything that exists,

Well apparently I do,

But that’s not completely true,

To prove that, I’ll let out a random content mew!

So have some fun,

And lighten up,

Make sure you take this too seriously,

Because you could end up acting deliriously,

So just enjoy,

Honestly, it wasn’t made to annoy.

That much.

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