Taylor the Toucan's Amazing Rainforest Adventure

I wrote this story for Geography about the rainforest and it's layers for a project in year 7 at my secondary school.

Do you like an adventures and Interesting chapters? Read this book then, and meet Taylor the Toucan and his brand new friends.

When Taylor the Toucan falls from his nest, Taylor needs to find a way back home. As his new friends help visit a very important animal to get Taylor back home is on of Taylor’s friend’s a foe. Read to find out.


4. Will Penelope-Rainbow ever stop talking?

“I’m so hungry!” cried Penelope-Rainbow.

“Yeah,” replied Anthony and Bethany.

“Stop being silly son, I’ll help you find food, said a voice in the darkness.  Then out came Brian the book worm again.

“Look at this book to get food ordered Brian before going back into the darkness.  They opened the book and peered down at it.  Inside the book this is what they saw.

“What is the forest floor or under canopy?” asked Bethany.

“We are on the forest floor but I don’t know what an under canopy area is?” replied Taylor.

“I know!” announced Penelope-Rainbow.

“The under canopy is where the smaller animals bed is and the canopy has bigger animals bed in.  Everyone looked at her confused.  What was she going on about?

“Really?” asked Everyone to Penelope_Rainbow.

“No, No, No children,” tutted Brian the bookworm.

“Ok before you carry on Mr bookworm sir,” Bethany said to Brian shyly.  “Can you help us and tell us everything we need to know and would you please join us?”  she asked.  Everyone else mumbled, “please Brian come on.”

“Ok I’ll join you lot, besides you children need to know a lot more about the rainforest then you already know.”

No one paid any attention to Brian apart from saying he’ll join them.

As the friends went around the forest floor as it was almost sunset.

“Hungry…HUNGRY…hungry…HUNGRY…Hun” cried Penelop-Rainbow, slowly and in different ways too.

“SHUT IT!” cried Brian.

“Sorry,” said Penelope-Rainbow.

As the sun started to go down, all Taylor’s friends started to slow down. 

“Taylor can I sleep?” asked the very tired Bethany.

“I guess we could for the night,” replied Taylor to the very, very tired group of rainforest friends.

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