Taylor the Toucan's Amazing Rainforest Adventure

I wrote this story for Geography about the rainforest and it's layers for a project in year 7 at my secondary school.

Do you like an adventures and Interesting chapters? Read this book then, and meet Taylor the Toucan and his brand new friends.

When Taylor the Toucan falls from his nest, Taylor needs to find a way back home. As his new friends help visit a very important animal to get Taylor back home is on of Taylor’s friend’s a foe. Read to find out.


3. The Monster Maniacs

“Ow!” screamed Anthony in pain.

“What’s wrong?” asked Taylor and Bethany.

“No my feet are stuck!” Anthony exclaimed.

“What?!” shouted Taylor.

“HIDE!” cried Bethany.

Bethany ran behind some Buttress Ruits.

“Why? Bethany will Anthony be okay? Please say he is!” asked Taylor in alarm.  “Well a gang called The Monster Monkey Maniacs work for Jenny the Jaguar.  They put out mushed up leaves and soot to trap animals for Jenny’s dinner,” said Bethany.

“LEAVES!” cried Anthony, as he started to eat the sticky mixture and then he was free.  Just before the naughty monkeys came  and took him.  They landed, they even started to smell the friends out.

“I swear boss, I saw a toucan, a butterfly and an ant.  No boss NO!” cried the monkey as the leader did a funny dance then tapped the monkey.  In a flash the leader of the group make the monkey disappear.  The two other monkeys were jaw dropped.

“Oi, knuckle heads,” said the boss in a quiet, deep but stern voice.

“Oi! Banana Brains! Can you hear me?! If you don’t have a better idea than Mr Clever Banana here then I have to make you two idiots…” cried the boss in a loud-ish, deep voice.

“No boss don’t say it or we’ll join you know who,” replied the monkeys in terror.

“Ok I won’t say,” announced the boss in a fake friendly voice.

“MICHEAL!” cried the boss.

“Oh thank you for not saying Mile…Oh no boss how could you?” replied one of the monkeys.

Just then both monkeys and the boss disappeared into thin air.

“Well that was weird,” said a weird squeaky voice behind the brave gang of rainforest creatures.  They looked behind them and saw a really crazy parrot.

“Hey what are you doing here in the dark part of the forest?” asked the parrot really fast.

“Sorry we couldn’t understand you talking that fast can you slow down.  My name is Taylor the Toucan, these are my friends Anthony the Ant and Bethany Butterfly.  Please can you tell us your name?” asked Taylor very politely.

“My name is P.R Parrot,” replied the parrot as slowly as she could.

“Ok not that slowly.  Anyway what is P.R Parrot anyway?” asked Taylor.

“My name is P.R. Parrot secret agent.  It’s my code name so no one can pretend to be me,” said the parrot in a weird voice.

“I know but…secret agent really?” asked Taylor suspiciously.

“Yes,” replied the parrot still with the same weird voice.

“Would you tell me what your real name is or what does P.R parrot stand for?” asked Taylor getting annoyed now.

“Only if you promise if you don’t say…”  They stopped the parrot talking.

“WE PROMISE!” all three of the friends cried.

“Ok then P.R Parrot is my agent name.  My real name is Penelope –Rainbow parrot,” she said.  They all stared at her in shock.  Anthony started laughing.  Taylor kicked him to stop him laughing.

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