Taylor the Toucan's Amazing Rainforest Adventure

I wrote this story for Geography about the rainforest and it's layers for a project in year 7 at my secondary school.

Do you like an adventures and Interesting chapters? Read this book then, and meet Taylor the Toucan and his brand new friends.

When Taylor the Toucan falls from his nest, Taylor needs to find a way back home. As his new friends help visit a very important animal to get Taylor back home is on of Taylor’s friend’s a foe. Read to find out.


6. The end or is it?

“Thank you for saving us,” said Bethany, Penelope-Rainbow, Brian, Taylor and his Mum and Dad.

“That’s okay,” replied Anthony blushing.

“How can we ever repay you?” asked Taylor.

“By making me do nothing about my mum ever again.” Said Anthony in a nice but beggy way.  Everyone at the party looked at one another and shouted together “WE PROMISE!”

“Ow!” cried Brian.

“What?” asked Anthony in shock.

“I think I can hear better,” Brian smiled.

“HOORAY!” everyone screamed.

“No not anymore,” everyone sighed.

“Ah help a hawk has got me,” cried the angry Timmy the Toucan.

“About time!” said Daddy Toucan.  Everyone was happy now.


All of Taylor’s friends lived with Taylor and his parents, as for Timmy he found the rainforest again but lived with Jenny the Jaguar and replaced Suzy, the Monster Monkey Maniacs and Anthony.  They all lived happily ever after.


The end


Or is it??

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