Taylor the Toucan's Amazing Rainforest Adventure

I wrote this story for Geography about the rainforest and it's layers for a project in year 7 at my secondary school.

Do you like an adventures and Interesting chapters? Read this book then, and meet Taylor the Toucan and his brand new friends.

When Taylor the Toucan falls from his nest, Taylor needs to find a way back home. As his new friends help visit a very important animal to get Taylor back home is on of Taylor’s friend’s a foe. Read to find out.


5. How could you Anthony?

As the friends woke up they realised that they were trapped all but one, Anthony.

“Anthony!”  cried Taylor who gave the ant such a fright, “What did you expect?” he asked.

“I…” replied Anthony.

“How are they doing Anthony, my darling?” asked an evil voice.

“Fine mummy!” replied Anthony.

“He would only call that weird lady mummy if…” announced Penelope-Rainbow, “I bet the weirdo is his mother,” shouted Penelope in shock.

But as the creature came out all the friends said, “Anthony come quick,” but he didn’t come.

“Who are you?” asked Penelope-Rainbow, Bethany and Taylor.  Taylor lent over near Brian and whispered, “I’m from here.”

Then Brian took out a profile and said.  “Here is your profile, Name Jenny Jaguar, Age unknown, Leader of rainforest/evil, assistant Suzy snake, family no husband and…” mumbled Taylor.

“Who else?” asked Bethany.

“Anthony Ant, latest prisoners: Taylor Toucan, Brian bookworm, Bethany Butterfly and an annoying Parrot and stupid monkeys.” Said Taylor who spend up while reading it.

“Hey!” said the angry Penelope-Rainbow and the monster monkey maniacs because they didn’t like what jenny said about them.  Taylor shook his head and read it to himself and froze.  Bethany read it too and looked sad.  And she read it out in a sad tone. 

“Favourite prisoners: Mummy, Daddy and Taylor Toucan,”

“Suzy Cookbook!” cried Jenny.  As Suzy was slivering the book to Jenny.  Brian read the title of the book and started to panic.

“Not to um scare you or anything but how long will it take for us to get out?” whispered the panicking bookworm.

“A few hours!” replied Penelope-Rainbow.

“I thought a secret agent could get out in minutes but anyway.  Brian why do you want to know?” asked Taylor.

“Because the title of the book is “how to cook a toucan.”

All the friends ran to the front of the cage and started to panic.  Penelope-Rainbow tried to get out faster.

“Mum?” said Anthony.

“Yes my scoodle, moodle,” replied Jenny who was busy trying to prepare dinner.

“I’ll get the food,” said Anthony who was determined to set his friends and mummy and daddy toucan free.

Anthony ran up to the cage and whispered, “your mum and dad are next door.”

“Suz first step please!” announced Jenny.

“Ok 3 toucans, 1 pot of boiling water, 1 wooden spoon, a meal for 2, perfect for your loved ones, perfect.”

Taylor started crying once again.

“Mum we have a problem!” shouted Anthony.

“What!” exclaimed Jenny.

“What now?” she shyed.

“Um,” said Anthony unsure what to say, “um this toucan is as skinny as Suzy.”

“hey,” argued Suzy, “thanks for noticing my diet Anty.”

“Actually it’s…” Anthony stopped when his mum glanced at him. “That’s ok.”

“Oh I see looks like we’ll have it tomorrow then goodnight loser,” said Jenny who soon went of to bed.

“What did you say?” asked Anthony as his mother strolled away.

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