Taylor the Toucan's Amazing Rainforest Adventure

I wrote this story for Geography about the rainforest and it's layers for a project in year 7 at my secondary school.

Do you like an adventures and Interesting chapters? Read this book then, and meet Taylor the Toucan and his brand new friends.

When Taylor the Toucan falls from his nest, Taylor needs to find a way back home. As his new friends help visit a very important animal to get Taylor back home is on of Taylor’s friend’s a foe. Read to find out.


1. Brian can you hear me?

Whoa! Smack!

“Ow!” thought poor Taylor the Toucan as he fell to the forest floor. “Where… Where am I?” asked Taylor even though there was no one around to ask. 

“The forest floor dear child hasn’t your father told you, you silly bird,” said a voice in the darkness.


“Stop being so mean!” exclaimed the frightened toucan to the invisible voice.  Then out of the darkness came a bookworm, a tinsey, winsey bookworm. 

“My name is Brian, Brian the book worm, what is your name dear child?” said the book worm. 

“My…my name is,” replied Taylor with such a fright.

“Speak child!!” cried Brian.

“Taylor,” whispered Taylor.

“What?!” replied Brian who was shouting scaring Taylor even more.  Taylor couldn’t stop shaking because he was so frightened.  He even started to cry.


“Sorry son, my ears aren’t as good as they used to be,” said Brian a bit calmer now because he realised how upset Taylor was,

“I know! Because I can’t hear you that well, write your name in the soil.  Here use this stick!”  Taylor nodded.  So he wrote ‘TYLOR’

“Oh Tylor, what a lovely name! I must apologise, you must be a lassie instead, am I correct?” said Brian in delight.  Taylor shook his head and tried to spell his name again.  But dusted it so it wasn’t there anymore with his tiny wing, then re-wrote his name, ‘TAYLOR’.

“Oh Taylor, I’m so sorry.  So what brings you down here?” asked Brian.

“I don’t know, first think I know is that I can see green blobby stuff, then my brother Timmy the Toucan pushed me and now I’m here, cold and scared,”  Taylor started crying again, “I want my mummy and daddy and I’m the youngest, it’s not fair.”

Brian replied, “So you want to know how to get back home, hey?”

Taylor nodded again, sniffled his nose and wiped he’s watery eyes.  Then Brian started to talk about something that Taylor didn’t understand.  Brian got the stick and got a big map to help Taylor understand. 

“Ok, you start here right, where we are and finish here, am I right so far?” asked the clever Brian.  Taylor nodded, so Brian carried on.  “It’s not as easy as it seems.”  Taylor looked surprised. 

“It’s easy to come down but not getting back up.  How can it be?”  Taylor asked himself.  Brian carried on.

“So we are near the equator but the Earth is tilted at 23 and a half degrees.  But because the Earth is tilted it gives other countries seasons.  But at the moment we are at the forest floor, you will go to the under canopy have a nap then to the canopy then hopefully home in the emergent layer.” 

“What do you mean HOPEFULLY?” asked Taylor feeling scared again. 

“Dear Taylor it’s not as easy just it will take 2 days without a scratch, there are dangers like the Monster Monkey Maniacs and Suzy the Snake good luck,” said Brian before disappearing back into the darkness. 

“Wait don’t leave!” cried Taylor but it was too late.  What would he do now?  He was lost, Brian the book worm knew where to go but Taylor didn’t.  But he looked around him.  If he went right there was nothing but darkness, but if he went left there would be light.  So which way?  Where would you go if you were Taylor?  Would you go right into darkness or left to the light?  Taylor looked and heard some noises that scared him and made him shiver.  But he looked left which was lighter.  So he listened to he’s conscience, and decided to go left.

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