The World Underground.

I thought everyone went to sleep. Somewhere, somehow. But not The Underground People. They never sleep. They never stop. And if they want something, you need to leave them be. Weather its a new wall to spray, or a real person. There like The Mafia. Except they're teenagers. And deadlier.....


2. 2

I'm running through the streets so fast my eyes sting. The cold winter air smashes into my fingers like breaking glass. I'm clenching something. A knife? No, a hammer, and it's heavier than most. My legs slow down, stopping stopping, stop. Windows. I see a vague outline of myself in the glass. My arm lifts, and swings behind my head. Then with a furious throw its in. I climb through the window and land softly onto a table. I rush towards the front desk, and as I search alarm bells begin. But they aren't bells, their annoying beeps. And it's not dark, it's bright. So bright I can't see. I'm in a panic nod I don't know where I am or what I'm doing and it's so bright my eyes burn and then I wake up and realise its Monday and I'm not an Undergrounder and it was all a dream.
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