The World Underground.

I thought everyone went to sleep. Somewhere, somehow. But not The Underground People. They never sleep. They never stop. And if they want something, you need to leave them be. Weather its a new wall to spray, or a real person. There like The Mafia. Except they're teenagers. And deadlier.....


1. 1

They are waiting for me. Outside my house. In school. By the park. I never see them. Never, hear them. But I feel them. Watching me. Waiting for me. They still spray walls. They still make the world a better place in the dead of night. But it doesn't matter right now. Because they want me. They are waiting, and they know I'm beginning to agree with them. Agree with the law of The Undergrounders. Terms and Conditions apply, offer ends soon. I could be an Undergrounder. People would see me in the street and not know my name, but know my presence. Leader of the pack. King of the night. Never the same. There will be rumors, and whispers. But I'll stay the same forever, changing the world when children only slightly younger than me have nightmares about us. I like that thought. That feeling. When I accept the world will shiver. And everyone will know my name.

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