Just One More Night [COMPLETE/EDITING]

Aerandria's summer doesn't start like she expected it too.. She was confessed to by the guy she doesn't like, She met an amazing boy! Which just happened to be in the band One Direction.


19. Sequeeel!

Heey Lovelies! I've decided to make a sequel! :D Buuut i can't seem to come up with a good name >< Soo i thought i'd ask you guys!

Got any ideas? :D Comment !

You guys are the reason why I will do a sequel. You are soo lovely and kind! I love you guys, And I hope you will read my sequel aswell :) I've started it but as I said I can't come up with a good name.

So comment down below and Can you do me a favor o: ?

Me and my cousin has created a page on facebook, It's called 4 British boys, 1 irish and Kevin. If you can go in an like the page! I would really appreaciate it! www.facebook.com/4BritishBoys1IrishAndKevin

Thaaank you, xoxo love ya!

- Kimiee

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