Just One More Night [COMPLETE/EDITING]

Aerandria's summer doesn't start like she expected it too.. She was confessed to by the guy she doesn't like, She met an amazing boy! Which just happened to be in the band One Direction.


12. Chapter twelve

Someone was ringing on the doorbell. I woke up and stumbled to the door. It was Zayn. "Hey. Your Aunt told me you were here. Nice place..." He said while looking in my eyes then at my stomach. "Hey...What's up?" I asked and let him in.

He walked in and took off his shoes. He took my hand and walked to the couch. "Dria. It has been 7 months since you left. 7 months since we had unprotected sex." He started. I looked into his eyes.

I had always had a thing for Zayn. Although I was with Niall, Zayn was really special. Even though I didn't know it until I left.

"Am I..." He started but I leaned in and kissed him. I put my arms around his neck. I felt how he froze, but he kissed me back and put his arms around my waist.

I slowly entered his mouth with my tongue. I felt how he smiled inbetween the kisses.

He slowly pulled away. Resting his forhead against mine. "So Am I the father?" He asked. I pulled away. And looked at him with worried eyes. Worried that he might hate me... "I ..ehm. don't know who the father is..." I answered and looked down on my hands. I saw from the corner of my eye how his facial expression changed.

He didn't look angry. He looked more worried. "What do you mean?" He asked calm. "I mean...Don't hate me.. But I was with Niall too around that time. And .. Harry. " I said as my tears piled up. I blinked to make them fall down along my cheek.

He looked at me. "I could never hate you..." He whispered and hugged me. "I don't want you to go through with this alone. Can I be with you in this?" He asked looking all cute. "I... Of course you can. It might be yours!" I said and giggled.

He smiled. I was happy that he didn't hate me. I loved him. Always had. Just didn't know. He made me feel comfortable.

"I love you." I whispered. He let go of me and looked me in the eyes with a surprised expression. He laughed alittle. "I love you too. always have, always will." He smiled and kissed me softly.

I fell asleep in his arms.

When I woke up, I looked around. But Zayn was no where to be found. He probably didn't want to be with me. Ran away the first chance he got... I started to cry.

"Dria! What is it?!" Zayn came running from the kitchen. "I thought you hated me and left the first chance you got" I cried. He came and hugged me. "I would never do that. If I didn't want to be with you, I would have told you so.." He whispered.

Gosh I loved this guy.

I walked out in the kitchen with him. He was making some egg and bacon, I turned on the television and saw something shocking.

I turned up the volume. "Who is this girl? And how does she know One direction's Harry, Zayn and Niall? Not only that. Some vitnesses claimed to have heard that she left England 7 months ago and Is 7 months pregnant. The boys was obviously chocked by this. Is this a baby direction? And whose baby is it?" The news reporter said.

I just stared at the screen with my mouth wide open. Zayn had stopped cooking and walked to turn off the television. "What did they say?" He asked. Since the newsreporter talked Swedish. "She.. said 'Is this a baby direction, who is this girl and whose baby is it?' " I said while looking at him. He seemed shocked. My phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered. "Dria?! Is this really you?" The voice in the phone yelled. The voice was awfully familiar.. "Who is this?" I asked, Zayn looked like an question mark.

"Heath.." The voice said. "Heath?!" I nearly screamed. Zayn reacted to this and took the phone. "Still bothering Dria I hear?!" He yelled into the phone. Heath said something. "Well, don't call her again. She doesn't want to talk to you." He said.

"Zayn. Give the phone to me." I smiled. He hesitated but gave me it. "Hey Heath. I'm sorry. I bet you saw me on the news, didn't you?" I asked him calm. Inside I was screaming. "Yes, I did. So.. You're pregnant?" He asked. "Yes. I am." I answered, feeling Zayn's eyes in my back.

"Is it..?" He started. I interupted him. "No. It's not yours." I answered. I heard Zayn's footsteps behind me. I turned around and he took the phone. "It's mine. Piss off." He said and hung up.

"Why did you do that?" I asked him. He answered with a rough yet soft caring kiss. "Because I love you, And you're mine." He blushed. I smiled. "I love you too and Yes i'm yours." I laughed and kissed him quickly on the lips. He went back to his cooking and I just sat on an chair admiring his sexy back.

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