Just One More Night [COMPLETE/EDITING]

Aerandria's summer doesn't start like she expected it too.. She was confessed to by the guy she doesn't like, She met an amazing boy! Which just happened to be in the band One Direction.


10. Chapter ten

I had lived at my aunt for a month now. I was still having trouble learning the Swedish languages but I'm getting there. I took online classes, so I would study.

"Good morning aunt Jenna" I yawned as I entered the kitchen. "Good morning sleepyhead" She said and turned the eggs. Aunt Jenna was 24yrs and she was like my sister.

We sat down and started to eat. I suddenly felt like throwing up. I put a hand infront of my mouth and ran to the toilet. Wonder why I threw up. Aunt Jenna came in and held back my hair. "How come you threw up? Was the food bad?" She asked "No, I don't know. The food wasn't bad." I answered. "Oh, Maybe it's your period.." She said. Come to think of it. When was the last time I had my period? "Jenna, What day is it to day?" I asked nervous. "It's the 17th july why?" She asked. I started to count. "I'm late..." I whispered. "You're what?" she asked. "I'm Late!" I yelled. She stared at me. "We have to go to a doctor." She said. I nodded and went to get dressed.

When we arrived at the hospital, It wasn't a big wait. We waited for like 20min. "Aerandria Haylin, You may enter" A woman doctor said. I nodded and walked inside.

She asked alot of questions and I answered everyone of them. Then I had to pee in a cup... I blushed when I was done. Then all we had to do was sit and wait. We waited for 10 min.

"Well.. Aerandria. Congratulations. You are pregnant!" She smiled. My eyes widened up and I was speechless. Jenna thanked the doctor and took me to the car. "Ohh. So who's the father?" She teased me. I looked at her. "I don't know..." I answered. The smile in her face disappeared. "What do you mean with 'I don't Know'?" She asked. "I don't know who the father is since I have been with 3 guys right before I left. It's either Harry Styles, Zayn Malik or Niall Horan..." I said. She stared at me with her mouth open. "HARRY STYLES? ZAYN MALIK? NIALL HORAN? THE GUYS FROM ONE DIRECTION?!" She yelled. I nodded. "OMG, You are soooo lucky!" she suddenly said. "You gotta find out who it is." She said. I shook my head. "No. I left England for this reason. They are best friends and I only destroys it. So I'll take care of the baby myself." I said with my face in my hands.

-6 months later-

My stomach is really big now. I can speak the swedish language now. Well not fluently but near. I haven't heard from the boys since I left.

"Dria, you want to go to the mall?" Jenna screamed from her room. "Sure!" I yelled back.

We went to Nordstan, which is a big like mall in Gothenburg. I noticed that there was alot of girls screaming in the middle of Nordstan. I tried to push me through all the girls to see what it was. When I saw. Who It was...

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