Just One More Night [COMPLETE/EDITING]

Aerandria's summer doesn't start like she expected it too.. She was confessed to by the guy she doesn't like, She met an amazing boy! Which just happened to be in the band One Direction.


17. Chapter seventeen -The end

Zayn’s P.O.V

I couldn’t stay in there anymore. It just pained me that Aerandria wouldn’t wake up. I grabbed the doorknob and was about to open

“Zayn…” A weak voice said. I turned around surprised.

“Dria..?” I asked carefully, afraid that she wouldn’t answer me. “Yes…” she forced out and opened her eyes. My eyes widened. I ran toward her and hugged her, tight yet afraid she would break. I started to cry rivers. She hugged me back and whispered in my ear that she was fine and that she loved me. I held her near me as I cried.

After a while the guys came inside. “Why are you….” Liam started.

“AERANDRIA!” Harry shouted and ran toward us and hugged her as he started to cry really hard. I let go of Dria and let her hug Harry.

Liam stood in the door like a statue, Louis stood by the edge of her bed just staring at her with tears falling down his cheek, he looked so happy that she was alive.

Niall entered the door. “Why is everyone in here?” He asked. I looked at him. “Hey, Niall. Long time.” Aerandria said with a weak voice.

Niall looked as if he had seen a ghost. He stared at Aerandria. He didn’t move nor did he cry. I even think he forgot to breath for a while because after awhile he took a deep breath and started coughing a bit.

Harry wouldn’t let go of Dria, he didn’t stop cry either.

“I have heard everything you guys have been saying or reading to me. I just couldn’t answer or move…” Aerandria said with tears in her eyes. “I’m glad I woke up.” She chuckled as she wiped away another tear.

“Dria, I so glad you are awake!” Louis said as he tried to wipe away the tears that didn’t seem to stop. “Aw , Louis. Come here.” She said.

 He walked over to her, sat down on the chair and she hugged her with her right arm since the left arm was hugged and comforting Harry.

Louis and Harry was the ones that cried the most. Me, Liam and Niall cried too, but not as much as they.

-2 hours later-

Aerandria’s P.O.V

Now everyone had stopped crying after I had to tell them that I was fine atleast a 100 times.

I still hugged Louis and Harry, they were so cute.

“You know I love you guys.” I said and looked at them all. “We love you too” Liam smiled. I smiled back.

“Zayn. Come here?” I asked staring at Ebriony in his arms. He walked to me and smiled. “You want to hold her?” He asked looking all handsome with his beautiful eyes, his wonderful hair and … he’s perfect. I nodded, I looked at Ebriony, she was as beautiful as her dad. With her big brown eyes and wonderful smile.

I smiled when I grabbed her. “Heey Ebriony, remember me?” I asked with a baby voice. She just looked at me. She had grown pretty much since I last saw her.. I can’t believe I missed her 3 first months.

I started to cry while looking at her. “Dria what’s wrong!?” Zayn asked worried as he dragged his fingers through his hair. “I can’t believe I have missed her 3 first months” I cried as I hugged Ebriony.

The guys hugged me. “Aw, don’t worry. You will be with us from now on.” Zayn whispered in my ear.

After awhile the guys decided to go home so I could get some rest. Zayn and Ebriony decided to stay for the night.

I stared at them when they came in after saying good bye to the guys. Zayn put Ebriony in my arms and laid down beside me. He held me tight against him.

I stared into his eyes. “What is it?” He chuckled. “Nothing. I’ve just missed you that’s all.” I smiled. He leaned in and I leaned and our lips met. It was the most amazing feeling. He pulled away and rested his forehead against mine.

“I love you.” I whispered. “I love you too. Forever and ever!” He whispered back.


That’s the end! What did you guys think of this movella? :) Do you guys want a sequal? Comment down below! I really enjoyed writing this movella. And if you guys want a sequal, do you guys have a name suggestion for the sequal in that case? :)

You guys are amazing! Love yaa xx

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