Just One More Night [COMPLETE/EDITING]

Aerandria's summer doesn't start like she expected it too.. She was confessed to by the guy she doesn't like, She met an amazing boy! Which just happened to be in the band One Direction.


11. Chapter eleven

It was One direction. I just stood there with tears in my eyes. I couldn't move. When the guys looked up they saw me. Niall's, Harry's and Zayn's eyes got bigger and their mouths dropped. Niall stood up "Dria?" He asked. I couldn't talk.

"Dria?!" I heard aunt Jenna yell as she pushed herself through the crowed. "There you are. I thought you'd disappeared" She said. But she noticed that I was looking at something.

She turned and saw that I was looking at One Direction. Harry came and gave me a hug. But he noticed that something big was in the way. He let go and stared at my stomach, then back at me.

Zayn and Niall join him. At first they looked at me, Then stared at harry and followed his eyes to my stomach. Their mouths fell to the ground. I turned around to leave. Jenna followed me. So did the guys.

Harry's P.O.V

She was pregnant!? Omg. How long?

Zayn's P.O.V

Her stomach was big! I was so jealous.. I wonder who the father is..

Aerandria's P.O.V

They followed me. "I haven't heard from you for 7 months! And this is how you greet us?" Niall asked me with a hurt look in his eyes. "I-I..." I started. "She moved here. And Yes it has been 7 months. She is also 7 months pregnant.." Jenna yelled.

The guys probably wondered why she said that. But after they stood there doing their math they got it. They stared even more. Their eyes were so big that I was afraid that they would fall out.

I left the building crying.

Me and Jenna went home and ordered some chinese food. When I got a call. "Hello?" I answered. "It's been 7 months since we did...you know what. And it was unprotected" I heard that it was Harry. "Well.." I answered. "so, Is it mine?" He asked. "Actually..." I started.

When Jenna took the phone. "Maybe. What would you do if it was yours?" She asked. I didn't hear what he answered. She just nodded. And then hung up. "What did he say?" I asked. "Secret." she teased me and left to go to the bathroom.

I layed down hoping to fall asleep. My back was killing me. Being pregnant wasn't easy. The toughest part is not knowing who the father is...

Hey guys! So now I've made a few chaps. Tell me what you think and tell me who you wants to be the father! Comment or Kik me @ kiimpaan ;) I read all of the comments I get! Love you xx

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