I Would Tell You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You

At first sight 17 year old Bella seems like a normal girl with long brown hair and blue eyes, pretty normal right? Well she goes to the school Spy High. Yeah, she's spent practically her whole life training to be a professional spy. That's been her life's goal and she's been set on it...that is until she meets Zack. Everything would be fine if he went her school...and knew all about spies...but, he doesn't.


8. Chappy 8 :^

'Well hello there!' says the man at the front who I'm assuming is the teacher. 'I'm Mr. Appleby but everyone calls me Mr. A so you can call me that too. Now what are all your names?' he asks us.

'I'm Jessica, but everyone calls me Jess.' says Jess, introducing herself first.

'And my name is Adriana but everyone calls me Ade.' Adriana says afterwards.

I guess it's my turn then. 'My name's Bella but most call me Bells so can call me that too.' I say. 

'Fantastic!' exclaims Mr A, clapping his hands. 'Ok, well I'm assuming all three of you girls have buddies on your schedules?' he asks.

'Yep we do.' says Ade.

'Well go ahead and call out the name and he'll raise his hand and then you go and sit next to him, is that ok?' Mr A asks us. We all nod.

'Ok well my buddy is Leo Parker?' Ade asks looking round. A geeky looking boy in the bery front raises his hand hesitantly. 

'That's me.' he says so Ade goes to take a seat next to him and immediately starts up a conversation with him about the book  that he's reading as she's a nerd when it comes to them.

'My bud's name is Josh. Josh Harrison?.' Jess says afterwards. 

'Yep that's me' says a boy in the back with a bad boy look and aura surrounding him. 'I'm your buddy sweetcheeks!' he says with a smirk on his face. Jess immediately starts to scowl.

'Don't call me sweetcheeks.' she says glaring at him and going to sit down. As soon as she does, he starts teasing her and she starts scowling even more if that's even possible!

'And who's your buddy?' Mr A asks me. 

'Well my buddy is Zachary Richards.' I say hoping that he's not as annoying as Jess's buddy.

'That's me but please call me Zach, not Zachary. It's too long and posh.' a boy in the middle says and smiles at me. Well he seems nice. I go to sit next to him.

'Hey' I say when I go to sit down and smile.

'Hey!' he says  back. When i look at him, I take a moment to actually look at him properly. he had dark brown hair and really bright, sparkling blue eyes. He had a sprinkle of freckles on his cheeks and his nose.  He was actually quite cute. Well this was going to be fun!

Ok, sorry i took such a long time getting them to actually meet the boys but now they have! What do think? Please comment if you want to and thanks to anyone who's actually redaing this! :^)

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