I Would Tell You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You

At first sight 17 year old Bella seems like a normal girl with long brown hair and blue eyes, pretty normal right? Well she goes to the school Spy High. Yeah, she's spent practically her whole life training to be a professional spy. That's been her life's goal and she's been set on it...that is until she meets Zack. Everything would be fine if he went her school...and knew all about spies...but, he doesn't.


6. Chappy 6 :*

'I'm afraid not girls' says our driver who also happens to be Coach Gardner. 'Because there was so much traffic coming here, you have to make start straight away.'

'WHAT?' we all shout at the same time. I can't believe it! We don't even have enough time to get organised properly! This counts for 50% of our final grade as well.

'Well, I guess we're gonna just have to go straight in for it, aren't we?' I tell the others.

'Yeah we are.' agree Adriana and Jess sighing.

'Thanks for driving us Coach. We have to be back here at 6 don't we?' I ask Coach.

'That's right' he replies 'By 6 you should have managed to get all 6 earpieces, disguised as earrings and made your way back to this exact point where the van will be waiting. If you're even a second late, that will be taken into account and will affect your grade. Everyone understand?'he looks round at all of us and we all nod.

'Good luck you girls, I know what you're capable of and this should be easy for you.' he says and smiles.

We hop out of the van and make our way towards the door of Jefferson High. I turn round and say, 'Ok guys, this is it. We can do this and we will do it so let's go!'

Thanks to everyone who is reading this! Sorry I haven't been uploading lately but I will try to upload more often. See ya xx :)

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