I Would Tell You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You

At first sight 17 year old Bella seems like a normal girl with long brown hair and blue eyes, pretty normal right? Well she goes to the school Spy High. Yeah, she's spent practically her whole life training to be a professional spy. That's been her life's goal and she's been set on it...that is until she meets Zack. Everything would be fine if he went her school...and knew all about spies...but, he doesn't.


5. Chappy 5 :P

I felt the car stop moving and my eyes fluttered open. I realised that we were parked right outside Jefferson High. I threw the pillow that I had brought with me, on Jess's head to get her to wake up as she had been sleeping.

'Hey sleepy head!' I called 'Wake up, we're here!' Her eyes opened and when they set on me, she glared.

'Why couldn't you have just shaken me or something, not thrown a pillow onto my head!' She said crossly.

'It doesn't matter Jess.' said Adriana. knowing how cranky Jess got when she just wakes up.

'Whatever.' said Jess. 'We need to start planning for the assessment!'

She had such weird mood swings. One minute she's all annoyed with me and then the next, she's excited about the assessment! Sometimes I wonder...

Sorry I haven't updated in ages, anyone who's reading this! I've just had loads of work at school but I hope u enjoyed this chapter xx


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