I Would Tell You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You

At first sight 17 year old Bella seems like a normal girl with long brown hair and blue eyes, pretty normal right? Well she goes to the school Spy High. Yeah, she's spent practically her whole life training to be a professional spy. That's been her life's goal and she's been set on it...that is until she meets Zack. Everything would be fine if he went her school...and knew all about spies...but, he doesn't.


1. Chappy 1 :)

'That was such a fun lesson wasn't it Bells?' asks my best friend Jess.

'Yeah it was! I especially loved the part where I kicked your butt.' I replied in a joking fashion.

I know what you're thinking. What kind of school does she go to where you have to fight eachother? Well I go to Spy High which is a mixed boarding school where we learn how to be professional spies. One of our lessons is self-defence which we have to get in

'Shut up!' she said back pushing me playfully.

'Ooh fight fight fight!' said Brad and Finn, our other best friends started to shout and clap.

So, we tackled them to the ground.

'Get off us, you guys!' they both shouted.

We both got off of them laughing. The bell signalling that the next lessons were about to start went off.

'Run guys, we're gonna be late!' I shouted.

We all set off sprinting as fast as we could to our next lesson while laughing so hard my sides hurt.



If anyone is actually reading this, thx so much for reading it. It's my first story so plz be nice and plz fan! Thank uuuuuuu :)





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