When Felicity decides she's waited long enough to rescue her brother, she delves into the supernatural realm to save him. Little does she expect it will entail vampires, evil spirits and a very interesting boy...


3. Where to go?

Felicity's POV

I arrived at Serena's house dripping wet and wrapped loosely in my Dad's fur coat. My hair twisted like a vine over my face and I could barely see. Serena opened the door and we exchanged a few words, but all I was really focused on was her warm radiator, her warm sofa... her warm HOUSE. I was pretty much drooling at the thought, and as soon as she let me in I ran straight fro the radiator.

God, I have never been so glad that she put furry covers over these things... It was like hugging a damn bear when you're out in the cold snow! Before I knew it, my eyelids had slowly fluttered closed and my brain had fallen into a sleep so deep Doctors would have diagnosed it as a coma.


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