When Felicity decides she's waited long enough to rescue her brother, she delves into the supernatural realm to save him. Little does she expect it will entail vampires, evil spirits and a very interesting boy...


9. Trolls Eat You

Serena's POV

Ugh. I hate the landings. I floated down but landed with a heavy squelch in a bog like grass patch. Oh great. We were in the troll's terrain. Fun times. 

"C'mon, Flick, we've got to get out the troll's area before we get eaten," I said casually, keeping my laughter in at her strange facial expression. Her features were flushed deep red from the fall, her hair askew and clothes stained with dark patches of mud and grass. I laughed," Calm down, i'm joking, but we do have to make a few stops till we get to the fairy kingdom. Cheesy right?" 

"Fairy kingdom... How original," She grumbled, trying in vain, to brush off the worst of the mud.

I flicked my wrist down and removed the mud off my clothes using my ability to move things with my mind. Flick just stared in wonder and whispered," You have some explaining to do." I nodded.

"Well, i'm kind of half angel and half vampire. I have 'abilities' to read minds and move things with my mind etc." I summarised quickly. Her jaw dropped open and I just waited for the stream of questions that would flow out.

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