When Felicity decides she's waited long enough to rescue her brother, she delves into the supernatural realm to save him. Little does she expect it will entail vampires, evil spirits and a very interesting boy...


6. Into the Supernatural Realm

Serena's POV

I quickly donned a flowy sky blue shirt and jeans, pairing them with some grey knee high boots. I tossed some clothes to Flick after I came out and she went in to put them on. While I waited I stuffed a weeks worth of blood capsules into my back pocket and slipped on a long navy coat and white scarf. Flick came out and I handed her a thick black coat and hat,"C'mon, we're going now." Her eyes widened in surprise and slowly took the coat and hat.

"Now?" She whispered.

"No, i'm just dressing up for fun. YES now, quickly before it gets too cold," I muttered sarcastically. I quickly led her outside and locked the door. We started off down the street and the directions in my mind just took over. We strolled over to the park and we stealthily passed the gatehouse and into the deep woods where nobody went. I found the usual cluster of trees which were just that bit too close together and knocked three times, quietly murmuring the words,"Ingkus Sanoria". It's consistency started turning milky, and I knew now was the time to step through.

"Don't just stand there! Go in!" I shoved the now frozen Flick and pushed her into the tree. I jumped in too and there, low and behold was my home. The supernatural realm.

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