When Felicity decides she's waited long enough to rescue her brother, she delves into the supernatural realm to save him. Little does she expect it will entail vampires, evil spirits and a very interesting boy...


7. Get IN!

Felicity's POV

After Serena shoved me head first into the tree, I felt a strange falling sensation. It must be because I'm dizzy from being knocked into a huge Ivy tree. Wait a minute... I was actually falling! Oh God, I was falling head long as if I was a spec of dust falling down a telescope, and the destination was a miniscule image at the bottom, which looked like a gargantuan cherry-blossom tree surrounded by hill and grass.

I let myself fly freely through the air, in a stereotypical hang-glider position, my arms stiffly away from my body and my legs shoulder-width apart. But I didn't seem to be getting any closer. Sienna suddenly drifted past me, lying as if she was in a coffin with her eyes squeezed shut. There was something red that I could barely see dripping from the corner of her mouth... Probably just lipstick, maybe I'm imagining it.

Still, I'm going into the supernatural realm...

Anything is possible.

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