When Felicity decides she's waited long enough to rescue her brother, she delves into the supernatural realm to save him. Little does she expect it will entail vampires, evil spirits and a very interesting boy...


1. Where It All Started

Felicity's POV

God, it was cold at this time of night. I was lying in my bed, twiddling my thumbs, shivering, and ignoring the constant and monotonous pinging of my phone. Occasionally, my screen would light up and spray the ceiling with a beam of dim light. I looked outside. Cars drove by every once in a while and the trees blew nonchalantly in their beds of cloud and mud. I couldn't help thinking about  that night; I mean, I tried diligantly hard to stop the thoughts from washing around in my brain... But it was like used mouthwash to me. I had cried so many times before and every one I convinced myself it would never happen again.

So I took it as a message from...Well anyone who even cared about me really, to get off my lazy ass and look for my brother. I sat bolt upright, new mouthwash lingering in my head. I got up, like a robot and started walking nowhere at all. And I never looked back to my bedroom that night, becasuse I knew if I did, I would have to cry, and run home.

And I was never, ever, ever, going to cry again.

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