It's the year 4062 and Earth's population have become obsessed with finding other life forms on different planets. There's no celebrities anymore. The only heros are the guys who find something E.T. Zoey's dad has been working with NASA for a long time. Finally, he finds something. But so does Zoey. She meets an alien boy named Jarryr in very unpleasant circumstances. She is then torn between two sides. Who will she trust ... and who will she love?


1. Meet Zoey ...

Zoey pushed her dirty blonde hair out of her face. It had been another long day at school. She hated every minute she spent there. Everyone teased her about her father not being able to find anything out of this world. Most people didn't find anything. These days people had become obsessed with it though. Especially Zoey's father. He barely spent a second at home anymore.

Zoey strolled lazily into her house. Of course, it was empty. Her dad was still out. Surprise, surprise, Zoey thought sourly. She dashed up the stairs and into her squeaky clean bedroom. Her dad always checked how clean it was when he came back. That was never very often though.

She threw herself onto her hard bed, yawning absent-mindedly. Life was pretty dull ath the moment. Zoey could barely remember why she was even alive. What was the point? The only thing she ever did was go to school and get picked on by popular nerdy kids. 

In all truth, Zoey was exceptionally bright. She just didn't care. Zoey could beat them all in the braisn department. She just pretended she couldn't. She never understood why she did this. She just did.

Zoey heard the front door slam shut. She jerked up straight.

"Zoey? Zoey, are you in?" She heard the unmistakable voice of her father boom. She grinned widely and flung open her door, dashing down the stairs and into her father's arms.

"Dad, you're back!" Zoey cried happily. He smiled back down on her, inspecting his daughter with great pride. He was only trying to discover something paranormal so his beautiful daughter could fit in. Little did he know that the only thing she ever wanted for was for him to be at home with her, eating dinner every night.

"Miss me?" He asked cheekily. Zoey squeezed him tightly.

"Of course." She replied and then ran off into the kitchen. "I made spaghetti if you want some, dad!" She called back to her dad. But when she ran out into the corridor to get a reply, her father had already locked himself in his office. Typical, Zoey thought bitterly. He never had time for her anymore.

The next day, a saturday morning, Zoey managed to drag herself out of bed at 12 o'clock. She was surprised her dad hadn't woken her up. Something was going on.

She creeped silently out of her bedroom, listening carefully to all the sounds coming from all around the house. At first, Zoey heard nothing. Until she noticed a faint sound of typing. Her father was working still. He must have been up all night.

"YES!" She suddenly heard a yelp. "I DID IT!" Zoey turned her head to her dad's office, a bewildered look on her face.

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