It's the year 4062 and Earth's population have become obsessed with finding other life forms on different planets. There's no celebrities anymore. The only heros are the guys who find something E.T. Zoey's dad has been working with NASA for a long time. Finally, he finds something. But so does Zoey. She meets an alien boy named Jarryr in very unpleasant circumstances. She is then torn between two sides. Who will she trust ... and who will she love?


2. E.T.

Zoey pushed open her father's office door.

"Dad?" She asked carefully. He turned around in his chair, a look of childish glee on his face. Her dad's grin stretched like a wild fire across his face.

"I've done it!" He said in disbelief. Zoey's eyes widened with a sudden understanding. He'd really done it? He'd found an E.T? She could barely believe it! Zoey had always just thought that he would never find anything. Only the best scientists ever did ...

"Oh ... wow! Dad ... I - I can't believe it!" Zoey cried excitedly. She knew how happy her father was. Of course, Zoey wasn't so excited about the fact he'd discovered something amazing. She was excited because maybe her dad could finally hang around with her her for once. But that one excited moment was broken when he father whipped arounf and started furiously tapping in a number on his mobile.

"I have to call my boss. Give me a sec will you?" Zoey's heart dropped. Sje really wished he'd just give it a rest. But this was what he wanted. So she unwillingly obliged and left the room. In fact, she left the house.

She quickly texted her dad as she walked quickly to the park.

Gone to the park :) Zx

Then she switched her phone off. She'd had enough witht the stupid E.T. nonsense. Her dad just couldn't seem to let it go. Zoey couldn't even understand why. It wasn't even remotely interesting.

Zoey barely noticed when she reached the empty park. It was a large patch of grass with strange looking slides and swings. She didn't really like the place at all but barely anyone was ever there so that was okay by her.

She sat on the wet bench, looking up at the misrable sky. It made her feel even worse. She felt herself being wrapped up in her endless thoughts. They trailed in all sorts of directions. She couldn't stop herself wondering what life might be like. Suddenly she found herself wishing that life was different. That her dad was really there for her.

"Hello?" A distant voice called. "Are you unwell?" Zoey turned around on the bench to find a strange blonde haired boy staring intently at her. She instantly moved back. His intensely light blue eyes burned into hers deep brown ones.

"Uh ... no. I'm fine." She gave him a quick look up and down. He had short, cropped golden hair and his eyes were bright with curiosity. He was dressed in baggy jeans, a deep blue t-shirt and a black hoodie. He looked like an average sort of teenager but Zoey could tell instantly that there was something ... different.

"I am Jarryr. Who are you? And ... where is this?" Zoey stared at him confused. Was this a joke? She seriously thought it was. But if it was, this boy was a seriously amazing actor. Zoey couldn't figure it out. He couldn't seriously not know where he was, could he?

"I'm ... I'm Zoey. And this is ... um ... Earth?" She replied uncertainly. Jarryr gazed at her. She was different too. This "Zoey" might even except him if she knew everything about him. The good and the bad. He knew for sure somehow that Zoey could except him for who he really was even if she knew about the sacrafices that had been made ...

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