The Day that Changed my Life

Kade, an indonesian girl, suffers from the loss of her parents. She is shipped off to be adopted, but where will she go, who will she meet and how will she survive?


13. WOW

Kade P.O.V

I trudged sleepily up the stairs and around the corner, the victorious Mario kart winner, Katiya climbing behind me. Was it me or had the stairs gotten longer, I was really sleepy, my small piece of silence was suddenly broken, when Katiya screeched "We haven't seen the bedrooms yet, remember?!?!?!!!!" . She grabbed my arm and took the lead dragging me up the stairs behind her. Her 'little kid' excitement never wore off, tired or not.

Naturally Katiya went in before me, first I was confused by the fact that there was one door, considering it's two houses. Then I was worried, there were no high-pitched sequels coming from the room Katiya had entered. Her being amaze by anything meant that whatever the room looked like she should be squealing with delight.

I walked into the room (that I had finally concluded must be above the living room, making it part of both houses) and stopped. The room was positively breathtaking...


There were three huge windows, with long flowing curtains pulled across them. The room would be flooded with sunshine during the day. There was a huge picture, taken when we were shopping, on a canvas mounted on the wall. The walls themselves were a light blue, a fluffy white rug was on the floor. The carpet underneath it was a modern cream and the two beds were huge. The one I assumed was Katiya's was a rounded four poster bed with light pink silk covers and silver curtains the top was an ornate dome and there was a large head rest with silver, pink and white pillows crowning it. It stood out from the fluffy carpet the ceiling chandelier spilling light onto it.

   Katiya could finally be a princess...

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