The Day that Changed my Life

Kade, an indonesian girl, suffers from the loss of her parents. She is shipped off to be adopted, but where will she go, who will she meet and how will she survive?


12. The Wii!

Katiya's P.O.V

My eyes gleam as Melanie lifts up the lid. Beneath, is a shiny white box-like object. Sitting beside it lies two rectangular ones. I've never seen a Wii before, nor learnt how to use it.

"Right, this may need some explaining," Melanie says kindly, giving us a warm smile. "This is your first time using a wii, isn't it?" I nod, reaching out a hand to touch the smooth surface, carefully lifting it out the box.

"Place it here, will you," Lilly says, pointing to the stand the TV is on. I follow her lead, but the many wires and plugs seem to get tangled up. Whilst Melanie untangles them, I watch as Kade is lying on the floor, attempting to put batteries in something.

"How do you do this?" She's muttering to herself. I place the wii box on the carpet, and lie down beside Kade to help. I silently reach for the batteries in her hands, and she lets me take them. I place them one by one in the back of the rectangular box. + to -, - to +. I remember seeing a poster about it on a wall when we were at Westfield, but of course, I am going to let on that I'm just clever. Kade won't know a thing, although she is 15.

"Wow, Katiya, how did you know how to do that?" She stares at me in amazement, and I notice the blue lights blinking on what I now realise is the wii remote. I smile at her, pushing myself back up, and walking over to the Wii, which I realise has all been set up. I look over to Melanie and Lilly, who are trying to put the screen up on the TV.

Melanie looks up to see me looking at her, and says, "Thought we'd do it for you, considering it's quite complicated". I nod, jumping onto the sofa where Kade is now sitting, and she passes me a remote.

"Ready for mariokart?" Lilly asks.

"What's mariokart?" questions Kade, and I sigh.

"Just say yes," I say, "It's bound to be fun!"

Melanie comes to sit beside me, telling me which button is for which. She holds my hands over the wii remote as I click the square in the top left corner of the screen. Suddenly, a theme tune begins to play. '*'MarioKart Wii!'*' a voice says. Kade laughs, and I click the start button, ready to begin.

15 minutes later, I'm driving 'Peach' on a bullet bike, around the track. Peach is this pretty character that wears a pink dress and has long blonde hair. Kade is being Daisy, who has an orange dress and is a brunette. In my opinion, I prefer Peach, but I guess Daisy is nice too.

Then, I realise I'm ever so close to reaching the finish line! I zoom past it, collecting the trophy for first place. Yay! But then I notice Kade is looking a bit upset.

"Why do I always come last?" She cries. I bury into her arms.

"Don't worry," I reassure her, "Let me help you..."

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