The Day that Changed my Life

Kade, an indonesian girl, suffers from the loss of her parents. She is shipped off to be adopted, but where will she go, who will she meet and how will she survive?


6. The Best Garden Ever

Katiya's P.O.V

It was really scary walking hand in hand with people who are now my new parents. They are strangers to me, I've never seen them before in my life, and it's hard to imagine how my life will begin with them. I once had my proper family, walking hand in hand with them. Now it feels as though they've replaced them, and I never wanted that to happen.

For the whole journey home, I try to hide my constant sobs, and sniffles. I'm sitting in the back of the car, and Brice is driving, Melanie beside him. I've never been in a car before - we never had one in Indonesia - but I know vaguely what they are.

"Are you ok, dear?" Melanie says, turning to face me, her hand placed on the top of her seatbelt.

"" I stammer, wiping my eyes with a tissue that I find in my jacket pocket.

"Take some deep breaths, girl. You'll be fine once we reach home." Brice calls over, his eyes still stuck on the road ahead of him. I try. Try to take deep breaths. Consequently, it comes out like more of a snort, in between my sudden outbursts of crying, and it makes me feel much worse.

5 minutes later, we seem to arrive outside a small, little cottage, in the middle of a small village. Confused, I look around, wondering if this really is London. Melanie opens the door for me, and I carefully step out, grabbing my bag from behind me, my teddy bear peeking it's head through the top.

"Thought we going to London?" I say, still finding speaking in English a little hard.

"Well, originally we were in London, but the adoption assistants thought it'd be better for you to live somewhere less crowded, and more exciting." Melanie says, smiling.

"This is the best place to explore! Wait till you see the garden!" Brice adds in, grabbing my hand and leading me up the cobbled pathway. Melanie tows behind, and unlocks the door for us. Once we're inside, and the door is closed behind us, I walk down the hallway, fascinated by all the artwork hung up on the walls. But when I get to the end, a lounge is set before me, leading into a conservatory, and when I look out the windows, there's grass as far as I can see. I run over, hands spread out across the glass, my mouth wide open.

"Knew you'd like it!" Melanie says, opening the conservatory door, and letting me run out. I take in the summer scene. Pretty, little flowers; bumble bees pollinating; a mini playground with a slide, see-saw and swing. It has to be the best garden ever! And that's when I realise...

"Katiya!" I hear someone scream. I swirl around to see a bustle of arms wrap around me, and once they've pulled away, I notice it's Kade. What is she doing here? I look behind her, and notice there is another cottage beside mine. The back door leads into the same garden...

"We share the same garden!" Kade squeals, hugging me tight. Her English is much better than mine, but I'm great at understanding it.

"Yes!" I scream, finding the word easy this time.

We skip off to explore the garden and I think to myself, 'This really is the best garden ever'.

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