The Day that Changed my Life

Kade, an indonesian girl, suffers from the loss of her parents. She is shipped off to be adopted, but where will she go, who will she meet and how will she survive?


10. PHONE!!

"Thew, I'm so glad it's still open!" I say to Katiya, Lilly and Melanie, as I walk through the doors to the O2 Phone Shop.

"Well the iPhone is a really good phone, for games, apps, music and stuff, but then I guess the Xperia is kind of the same in that sense, and then of course we have the BlackBerry, with bbm that's a really good phone to have, oh and we have some really good contract deals on all of them..." The shop assistant droned on and on, earlier i had been interested as we'd just gone around looking and playing with phones they had on display, but now they were just droning on and on about the different types, and their excellent contracts...."I think i might get the iPhone, what do you think Lilly, Katiya, Melanie?" I said turning to the three bored females sitting on seats by the till, geez at least they got to sit down, "Yeah, that one looked really cool and you could get some cool games on it.. and so yeah that would be a REALLY cool phone to get" piped up Katiya, suddenly hyper again. "Okay, if you want to get that phone I'll meet you at the train station in say" Melanie looked at her watch, a smile on her face "Umm, 15 minutes"  "Okay" Lilly said smiling and winking, really they couldn't hide things well at all, at Melanie. "Yeah, I just have some quick errands to run, why don't you stay here with Lilly and Kade?" Melanie said turning to the bundle of high pitched squeals, that was Katiya. "uh huh" replied Katiya, totally indifferent. 

We were at the train station a minute early with my new iPhone,  in it's case (Purple with blue and pink swirls, WHAT!!???, Katiya chose it), in my jacket pocket. Oh yeah we both had jackets now as Lilly thought it may rain. Up walked Melanie a smile beaming across her face, "My errands went very well" she said as a poor excuse for the gigantic smile that spread across her face. Well Katiya still hadn't noticed anything yet. "Cool, can we go on the train again????" Katiya pleaded, her puppy dog eyes and pleading face strait out, "Of course we are silly sausage, I bought return tickets" said Melanie smiling at her, "so, do you like your new phone then Kade?" she asked me "Yes I love it, thanks, Katiya chose this awesome" Well awesome may not really be the word, but hey "case" I replied a really big smile spreading across my face.

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