The Day that Changed my Life

Kade, an indonesian girl, suffers from the loss of her parents. She is shipped off to be adopted, but where will she go, who will she meet and how will she survive?


14. One Perfect Dream

I turn my head to the other side of the room staring at my bed. It was white and slick it looked just like the side of my crisp iPhone. Modern, cool and beautiful, with blue lights glowing out the bottom and a dome light on a 'c' shaped side table, there were two white doors, 'probably containing a walk in wardrobe', I thought watching Katiya fly through her rows of 'pretty' dresses. However I was still REALLY tired and so I went to bed...

It was a really comfy bed and i was really happy in my dream, actually beating Katiya at Mario-Kart!

Then I remembered that I would be going to a school at some point, the idea of going to an English school really excited me and I fell asleep dreaming of the perfect school I would go to and the perfect friends I would have.

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