The Day that Changed my Life

Kade, an indonesian girl, suffers from the loss of her parents. She is shipped off to be adopted, but where will she go, who will she meet and how will she survive?


4. Beauty Contest

 I had never had so much attention paid to my face and hair before.

Katiya was the cutest most adorable thing I had ever seen, in a cute little white dress and long cardigan. Her hair was like it had been the day I met her, however less ruffled, it still looked totally adorable, the white glistened against her skin and made her big bold eyes glisten even more than normal. I couldn't even see myself, but I was totally sure  I looked horrible, I hope Katiya had suddenly grown fond of Maya, clearly I was not going to win this Beauty Contest...

My mum, had been the jewel of the family, her hair always glossy and shimmering in the everlasting sun, her cheeks as rosy as an apple's and her skin not too tanned, as she had never had to do hard labor as a child. My mum had won many beauty contests, from when our small town had been thriving, and here I was disappointing her only a year after her death

...She said I was done and gave me many compliments before sending me towards a mirror, here it came ...

Wow, I hardly recognized the creature in front of me, on the mirror's glassy reflection. My dark hair was in wavy wisps stopping neatly a couple of inches bellow my shoulders, my face was lightly tanned and I had a flawless complexion, my eyes were a shimmering off green jewels and long curling eyelashes, my lips were a big light glossy perfection. The clothes were simple, but effective, a patterned top, hoodie, gilet and some light red skinny jeans.  I couldn't believe this was me and turned to Katiya for conformation. "your beautiful Kade and you better know it cause we are both getting fostered today, okay?" 

                         Maybe we could do this......., But there was still Maya...

She had her long dark hair trailing down her back and her eyes were outlined in a black coat, her clothes were modest. She wore a patterned T'Shirt, a Long grey cardigan and  some faded blue skinny jeans. I think we were actually much more cute, adorable and fashionable than her.


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