The Day that Changed my Life

Kade, an indonesian girl, suffers from the loss of her parents. She is shipped off to be adopted, but where will she go, who will she meet and how will she survive?


5. Adoption

This was really, really nerve racking. This was basically life or death.

I was standing in the visitors room, standing in between me and Katiya was, Maya. But there was nothing she could do to stop me from getting fostered. The challenge was mine, the barriers created mine to hurdle over, but could I do it? ...

My heart was pounding and I looked around me at the ruins of not so ancient civilization, I really was alone, the sand whipped at my face, my eyes were sore and my head hurt from the tears. I had never been weak, but this was different...

The low bass that was my heart was thrumming a quick uneasy beat and I stared around me nervously the modern room now seemed ominous, with the un-known lurking just around the corner. No really the 1st pair of foster parents were coming round the corner, I could hear their footsteps, and, and now I could see them.

A rather young couple to be adopting teenagers, I suspect they had Katiya in mind... The woman had long blond hair pulled back into a bun, with two strands left out either side of her face, her cheeks were flushed and modestly sprinkled in freckles, her face was as white as lily. The man had short light brown hair and a crooked nose, his eyes were a mousy brown that matched his hair... They walked hand in hand up to Katiya.

After taking in her nervous expression they proceeded with caution, "Hello dear, my name is Melanie and this here" she pointed at her companion "is Brice, would you like to come and live with us here in England?" That was allot in one sentence. "I, well I'd be delighted to" she replied with a breathtakingly cute smile.

I sighed in relief, glad that Katiya had finally gotten over her sobs that came on whenever she was reminded of her parents.

She walked off in between them both, hand in hand. They were the most adorable family  had ever seen, their faces were spread with love.


Now came my turn.

quick sure steps slowed and became nervous, 'what if this goes wrong', steps as the family rounded the corner.They were about 30 or so, the woman had long dark brown hair that fluttered around her face in a flowery way, her skin, pale and rosy was splattered in a generous dosing of freckles and her eyes were the clearest blue crystals I had ever seen, the man had short, dark hair and a comforting arm around the woman's waist, her head came up from his shoulder when she saw us-us being me and Maya.

Maya stared at them with distaste and turned abruptly from the room, shocked tears spilled down the woman's face. Appalled by Maya's behavior i tried my best to comfort her. "It's not you" "She's just upset"  "Memories of her past, what she lost, that's all"  "She just takes it out that way, I've never once see her actually cry, but you can always tell when she's upset" I murmured to the woman, the woman whose easily upset, modestly pretty, little girl reactions reminded me so my of my dear mum...

"A D what do you mean?!?!?!? You think it's fine that I got a D!!!! Auntie, cause you know that meant i FAILED!!!" My cousin was screeching unfairly into my mum's face after getting a bad grade at school. My mum's face was stained with tears and new ones just kept on flowing. My cousin seemed to suddenly shake herself back into reality and stared wide eyed at what she had just done to my faint hearted mum...

"Thank You" the woman murmured, I think she meant for the tissue.

"My name is Lilly, and this here is Daren " she sobbed "Hi I'm Kade" I replied breathlessly. My mum's name had been Lilliana.  

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