Killing Me Slowly

Me and Seth it's always been this way. Jess and Seth that's what everyone say's to us they can't seperate us and were together forever. Right. But when Seth falls in love Jess feels neglected and when Seth hurts her she feels death. Your killing me slowly!


2. Argument

"Seth I don't think Amy is the right girl for you" I exclaim trying not to say anything bad about her she was a lying deceitful devil who was cheating on him.

"Jess if you have something to say tell me" Seth asked.

"Fine you want to know, Amy is a two faced lying devil" I shouted. I watched Seth he looked like he was thinking.

"Jess your wrong about her Amy is a dream come true" he exclaimed.

"Seth you have to see that Amy is not what she seems she's a two faced cheater" I yell. Seth looks angry and slaps me right across my face. I hold my painful cheek in my hand and try not to cry he hit me, Seth hit me the one who would hurt anyone who hurt me hit me.

"Jess I'm sorry" Seth mumbled.

"Seth one day you will see what Amy is and you will come to me your friend the girl you cared for but broke her heart" I shouted tears running from my face.

"Jess" Seth mumbles.

"Stop it Seth, you broke my heart the one person I gave my heart for, breaks it thank you your killing me slowly" I yelled crying before Seth can says anything else. I run out of his out and on the road and cry helplessly Seth hurt me. 

Killing me slowly

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