Killing Me Slowly

Me and Seth it's always been this way. Jess and Seth that's what everyone say's to us they can't seperate us and were together forever. Right. But when Seth falls in love Jess feels neglected and when Seth hurts her she feels death. Your killing me slowly!


1. 4 years ago

"Hey Jess here I come" Seth shouted on top of the mountain on his new snow board. Seth came rushing fast on his skateboard and stopped right in front of me. The snow fell on me and I screamed my hands were freezing cold and I had snow in my lovely brown hair.

"Seth, I'll get you for this" I screamed I wiped the snow of my face then looked around for Seth. I screamed for his name then I saw someone lying on the floor. I ran and screamed when I saw it was Seth lying unconscious on the floor. I started crying tears filled my eyes and I screamed till Seth woke up.

"Your mascara running down your face you look like you could win a freak show" Seth joked. I punched him on the arm slightly really pissed off with him.

"Seth you monkey, you bastard you" I shouted.

"Loving kid were you that upset" Seth asked.

"I was so worried never do that again" I shouted.

"You were so worried for me you really love me" Seth mumbled.

"of course I do" I replied.

"I'm sorry" Seth whispered.

"It's ok come on  lets race to the apple tree" I exclaim running off. Seth running right behind me trying to catch me.

Seth and Jess 4 Ever I thought.

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