4 girls,5 boys

all about 4 girls who love one direction who come to meet them while their on holiday in Majorca will it end good or bad ? read the story to find out what happens .......


5. they asked us to go out with them`!

Niall and lauren ran back laughing and shouting saying"were going out for a drink tonight were all 18 and 19 why dont we all go and zayyyyyn hahahahahahaha can bring someone hahahah look at him" .zayn walked off the banana boat and said "all of you left me on that  banana boat for these lovely lady's" as he looked emily up and down. louis shouted at zayn"shes mine hands off " then he looked me up and down liam just shook his head then he looked at rosie up and down and harry snarled zayn.then lauren and niall just said "no she comes with me to get food" then zayns face went down we said you "will find someone one day haha" any way by this time we'd been there for hours and zayn had took our turn on the banana boats so we told them to pic us up at 7pm'at sunset apartments ,alcudia'. 

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