4 girls,5 boys

all about 4 girls who love one direction who come to meet them while their on holiday in Majorca will it end good or bad ? read the story to find out what happens .......


9. the mornning of the last day !!!

it was the last day together "oh no i have a text from harry"rosie shouted "oh what did it say"i said "oh just that they wanna meet up does this mean we are an item or just a few days out on holiday"she sighed "erm i dontknow exactly but listen our dream has come true we have actually met one direction we havent cracked marring yet but we are very close if we keeep up the good work"emily said loudly we all laughed haha "oh no i have just face timed harry"rosie screamed before she could end the call we heard a hello how are you love.Rosie bit here lip,emily rolled her hand forward as if to say carry on speak. "erm yes what about you were do you wanna go"she said before he could speak all the boys ran in to his room liam shouted "ewww harry get some clothes on i dont think rosie wants to see that or any of the girls infact" we all laughed he just left his phone on the bed and walked away liam picked the phone up while it was still on facetime "is charlotte there i need to ask here something"liam said then all the boys just walked out i wonderd why they all walked out i knew this was gunna be another one of them arkward questions i hate akwardness.all the girls walked out then "im getting in the shower rosie shouted "then liam laughed i asked him what he laughed at "he said just harry shouting somthing after rosie said she was getting in the shower " "oh" i said and then smerked liamthen got to his point i was dreding this "well i just wanted to ask do u like me"i was ust amazed i wonder what my face actually looked like when i heard that i just shouted "obv"then i just coverd my mouth "he laughed and said few "will you be my girlfriend"i litterally cried "yes" i screamed "then he shouted she said yes i was just amazed "there an item" louis screamed .i just laughed then the girls ran in whats happend "im going out with liam payne" i screamed "oh my goodness" lauren said "so what are we doing are we going the pool today" niall screamed "yeah come over to our pool at 1 and we will chill"emily said louis laughed and clapped "what" emily shouted  "nothing i just love the word chill but i also love u"louis said "oh u no what i cant resist it will you go out withme" emily said "YES ive been waiting to do that at the right time"louis screamed " well lets just go get ready we will be round at 1 at your pool" zayn said. "yeah ok see you then"i said.

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