4 girls,5 boys

all about 4 girls who love one direction who come to meet them while their on holiday in Majorca will it end good or bad ? read the story to find out what happens .......


3. the beach.

we were at the beach,we walked over quite close to the water and flattened our towels on the hot sand. Lauren said lets go for a dip in the sea.so we all ran and jumped it was cold. Rosie shouted over "Its getting choppy we should go banana boating now come on". we started walking towards the aqua shack as it was called, the tanned Spanish man served us. lucky we  knew a little Spanish Lauren shouted "cautro for the banana boat por favor" he replied in a funny accent "ok ten minuets we got 5 ninos on there Emily shouted"what does that mean" i nudged her" boys"i said in a funny way.

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