4 girls,5 boys

all about 4 girls who love one direction who come to meet them while their on holiday in Majorca will it end good or bad ? read the story to find out what happens .......


7. here we go !

we heard one direction singing "whats that" said lauren "oh its just my phone probably my brother or something" said rosie she went over to the phone "oh its harry"she stopped and thinked for a minuete and then got so excited well to be honest we all did "aaaaahhhh its harry this is really happening oh my gosh" i turned around and saw lauren looking at her phone "who is this i wonder a text saying  hey girl were outside smiley face kiss kiss"lauren said "lauren you silly billy its obviously niall "oh ahhhhh" she said.my phone binged i looked at itit said 'hey babe were waiting outside in a cab hurry up i understand that girls take forever but come on and harry said why didn't rosie answer the phone lol xxx hurry up xxx. i laughed "what" said lauren "sorry to be annoying but just shh and lets go basically liam said hurry up" oh ok lets go party" said rosie we all left the apartment and ran down the stairs we saw a bright yellow mini bus cab liam in the front harry louis niall and then zayn wernt there "weres zayn" emily shouted "just get in and ill tell you" then said louis we all got in. the sun went down and we all watched the sunset go down through the window liam payed and we got out and the clubs were bouncing.   

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