4 girls,5 boys

all about 4 girls who love one direction who come to meet them while their on holiday in Majorca will it end good or bad ? read the story to find out what happens .......


10. here they come !!!

"oh my god its 11 o clock already only two hours to get ready for the hotest boyband on the planet"lauren screamed "ahhhhhh"rosie shouted "oh calm down guys we will be ready in time" half and hour went by then an hour but we still were not ready we was ready but our hair wasnt done i put it in a large bun in,emily put it in a shell bun at the top of her head,rosie a cute high pony with her curls,and lauren with her very neat braid."oh no i cant have no make up on and ill be swimming and  my mascara will run down my face"emily screamed i had the solution."i have water proof mascara im well prepared"i said. everyone laughed.oh thankyou so much you are a life saver"emily said i just smiled "oh no its half twelve already"rsie said loudly.everyone pulled a face "oh well were basicly ready" i said we all put my mascara on and we were ready.i got a  text  from liam it said

hey babe,

      we are out side do u want us to come up or wait here.

                                   liam xx    

i paniced "should i just say come up" i just rang him. "hello just come up love were ready just getting towels and suncream" i said liam said "oh ok were on are way up haha"i just laughed we heared a nock on the door "i said 1 min im just getting the door" i opend the door with the phone in my hand and there were all of the boys. and liam in the front with his phone to his ear i laughed and he put the phone down.we were all ready we walked down stairs with towels in are hands and suncream and are bikinis on we went to lock up the boys looked like models they all stood there with no top on towel over there shoulder and tanned well most of them were"haha.liam said to me" i like your bikini" i just smerked and said "thanks" i fogot for a slight second that i was dating him.e were walking downsatairs i noticed niall and lauren huged "guess what guys"niall screamed "what"all said back "i actually like niall more than food "" awwww" all of us said."oh yeah lauren niall asked me to ask you if" he  sneezed "bless you but what"lauren said "will you go out with him"harry said with a smerk on his face "YEAH"lauren actually screamed for the first time in her life they both smerked and kissed. harry just laughed i think rosie felt a bit left out.

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