My Big Dark Secrets ~ One Direction (fantasy)

This story is about a young teenage girl, who hides an extraordinary secret to find out what the secret is, and whats happens read this story;
INTRODUCTION; Hi, i'm Ashlii Cooper. I live in Wales along with my mum & dad, but there is something extraordinary about us, we're not human.. Well i'm 16 years old :~) my birthdays 19th September 1996, anyway I live up in the highlands on a farm, our pack has lived here for centuries. I have to go to school so people don't get suspicious, it's hard! not letting my friends know who i really am, it's dangerous, but it's better than anything!! I'm known as the 'Cub' in our family..


2. Remberance

Nialls P.O.V

Yes! I can remember now, Ashlii Smith one of my old mates? I think we were bestfriends.. but? why did she move? I was sat there in our flat just staring into space for a good 15 minutes! When all of a sudden my phone was ringing *beep,beep* "Hold on lads, its my mum" I informed Liam, Louis, Zayn & Harry.

"Hi mother"

"Hello son, erm well I dunno how to put this son but.." she stopped.. is everyone okay?! all the bad ideas had come rushing in my mind until she carried on "can you remember Ashlii Smith, and her parents?"

"Yeah? Why? Has she died? What's happened?" loads of horrible thoughts were rushing around my mind, but then it came to me.. Wolf Blood.

"Good, no she hasn't died, I got a call from her mum, Ashlii says she's really missing you! And us, she wondered if you'd have time to pop up and see her? Or she could come over to Mullingar?" Phew! i thought she had died, but why now? why has she just come in contact? I had her old phone number but when they moved, i lost ALL contact? It has really started confusing me now..

"Son,? Niall? Will you? I've got her address and everything!" 

"REALLY?! OMG MUVA!! THANKS" i literally screamed down the phone, I would see Ashlii again, MY Ashlii!!

Liams P.O.V

Everyone was silent, watching Toy Story, yeah I love that movie!! When all of a sudden we heard Niall.. Screaming were got up and charged to the door where Niall was, but he wasn't getting mugged or anything, he had a HUGE grin on his face, me and the rest f the lads began looking at eachother with confused faces. When Niall, eventually came off of the phone, he was bombarded with questions!

Nialls P.O.V

OMG?! I am seeing Ashlii again!! Yes okay, she's not exactly human.. But I still love her :3

"Okay guys! Calm down.. It's nothing too serious but you know how we have these 8months off? I'm going upto Wales!" I couldn't even finish/..

"WHY ARE YOU LEAVING US?!" Everyone was throwing more question at me, god!

"STOP IT!! Right thanks, now I have your attention, yeah i'm going to Wales to meet my old friend Ashlii Smith, yes she's a girl, she was my next door neighbour for 7/8 years. But one thing is.. **now currently singing one thing:P** she erm? how do i put this.... isn't human? Well she is.. but she's a WolfBlood.."

Louis just had to break the silence.. which was a good thing "OMG GUYS NIALLS BEST MATE ISN'T HUMAN? WHAAAT TEE FUDGE?!" 

Liam; "c'mon lets go research 'WolfBlood'"


OMG, I'm meeting Niall again, I have got his phone number but.. I daren't text or ring him i must admit it's alittle frightening.. After 1 full hour staring at my phone.. I decided to text him 

'Hey Nialler, this is Ashlii! Ring me please? -Smithy;~)

Yeah.. Smithy was my nickname :) tbh i quite liked it too, 1 minute after the text had sent, My phone was ringning *dum,da dum dum dum dum..'88* yeah okay WMYB was my ringtone I checked my caller I.D its was Nialler Horan;3

"Hey" I answered

"Ashlii? Is that really you, you sound so different, but so recogniseable" I heard chatting in the background..

"Yeah Nialler! It is Smithy! And dur, i Live in Wales now don't I! oh wait.. I'm on speaker arn' i?"


"hi louis.."

"What|?! we've never met and you know my name?! wow.. your special.."

Now this was getting awkward..

"er yeah guys? erm.. the trouble is.. yeah i am kinda special.. erm... how shall i put this? erm.............................................. i'm a WolfBlood" suprisingly they all acted pretty cool with it, we were on the phone for 6huors:P haha, well this time in 2 days i will be with Niall and the Potatoes..



**hey guys i'll post chapter 3, either tonight or tomorrow, thankyou hope you liked this chapt.**

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