My Big Dark Secrets ~ One Direction (fantasy)

This story is about a young teenage girl, who hides an extraordinary secret to find out what the secret is, and whats happens read this story;
INTRODUCTION; Hi, i'm Ashlii Cooper. I live in Wales along with my mum & dad, but there is something extraordinary about us, we're not human.. Well i'm 16 years old :~) my birthdays 19th September 1996, anyway I live up in the highlands on a farm, our pack has lived here for centuries. I have to go to school so people don't get suspicious, it's hard! not letting my friends know who i really am, it's dangerous, but it's better than anything!! I'm known as the 'Cub' in our family..


1. Introductions & Memories

Hey there guys, i'm Ashlii Smith. I am 17 years old, I live in Wales, but my mum & dad are from Republic of Ireland, but they moved back to Wales when I was 7 years old. I remember one old friend.. Niall James Horan, I was his next door neighbour we got on like 'chalk and cheese' haha, we had fun times.. except.. i always wondered why I was faster than everyone, why i had a better sense of smell, even when i was in my room, i could hear next door but 1's conversations.. Then they told my mum & dad told me... I wasn't human I was a Wolf Blood, not a WereWolf!! A Wolf Blood, we're not monsters. We live in packs, but a normal woolfblood has their first transformation at the age of 16, I transformed at the age off 7.. and the wierd thing is.. Niall was at my house, I don't know if he still knows me


 "Niall!! Please! Don't!!" i screamed at him, I didn't want him to see who i really was..

"Why? Ashlii?! Why have your veins gone black? and why are they moving quickly up your body?! Ashlii, are you okay??"

"Niall! i'm so sorry, i haven't been quite honest who i really am, just please Ni, cllose the curtain, just please?

"Why Ashlii? I need to see who you really are!! Why did you lie to me?! We're best friends, no secrets eh? well whats this?

"Look Niall, if i told you..*i couldn't think what to say niall was going to see me turn* i'd have to move! Niall i'm so so so sorry"

NIALLS P.O.V; Her eyes turned yellow, she began growling.. i must admit, i thought she was playing until she turned into the wolf..


, but I do know he's in One Direction.! I love them!! Niall, is the actual Niall I remember, When they were on X Factor, and it showed pictures of everyone when they were younger.. as soon as I saw Nialls.. I definatley knew it was him!! Omg?! I can't believe it, my old best friend (who knew who i actually was) was in a world-wide boyband!

***6 hours later***

Ashlii's P.O.V

I asked my mum, to see if she could get in touch with Maura and Bobby once more, she knew how much this meant to me.. But she's always saying how we cannot go back there, but i needed to see Nialler my Nialler just once more.. 

I was getting really inpatient.. then all of a sudden i heard what i thought i'd never hear her say "ASHLII!!!!!!! I've found Maura's housephone, i'll give it a ring now!!


Niall's P.O.V

I'm really enjoying my new life!! But one thing was still missing... then it came Ashlii Smith....


*hey guys, this is my first fanfic kinda thing, it will be updated tomorrow!*


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