moment in time(harry styles love story)


2. meeting liam, louis, niall, and zayn

"So here are the other boys, niall, louis, Zayn, and Liam"

'hi guys i am a huge fan" I said. "Nice to meet you i'm Liam" 'i'm Sarah' I said 'nice to meet you Sarah" said Louis. "I heard that there was a basket ball game upstairs want to come?" I said "actually, we are here for the game, not the comic convention" said Zayn "would you like to join us?" "YES" I said.

This day was just getting better. "Then lets go" said Harry.

When we got upstairs, I found myself next to harry and Louis. "so you like Basketball?' said Louis. "i love basketball' I said "i'm so happy our team is winning" Louis told me. "i'm happy to" I said

Then, all of the sudden, that jerk came up to me

"what are you doing here, didn't you know Harry hates fat faces?" "ALRIGHT, I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOU" I told that bully "fatface' said the bully again. "umm i don't feel well, augggg" and i sprayed a whole can of silly string at him. "That doesn't count as a prank for fatfaces" he said. "Yes it does now go before i get you' i said. "fine" he said.

"He just got poned' said niall. 'I hate him" I said. "i know that person' said Liam. "he was so mean to everyone" "i bet." I said.

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