Lucien and the Hybrid Trolls

Lucien is one of the greatest threats Runescape has ever faced. Lady Sizzle and her best friends, Piper Wood and Fate Of Dreams, discover that he has created a race of hybrid troll, using trolls and cyclops to take over the rest of the world. They quickly start involving the other races to help stop him and stop this invasion. They have vowed to give their own lives if it means stopping him and saving everyone else.


1. Lucien

Lucien and the Hybrid Trolls

Stepping off the lodestone which was a stone’s throw away from her home in Taverly, Lady Sizzle was exhausted.  She just wanted to get cleaned up and get some rest.  Looking around, she could see that things were quite normal, well what could pass as normal.  Since the troll invasion, Taverly’s population had increased dramatically by the refugee’s and others who had escaped with their lives.

She looked toward the east as the sun was just beginning to rise and noticed something was different about the sky.  It had darkness to it, as if it might storm, but these were not ordinary clouds.  There was a change in the air also, Lady shivered even though it was quite warm outside.  It was as if there was something warning her of some pending danger.  She had sensed this before in the past few weeks.  Then as suddenly as it came, it disappeared.  The sky took on the brilliant shine as the sun rose and started its movement across the sky.

As she was getting ready to enter the portal to go to her house, she felt the ground beneath her shake and there was a huge rumble somewhere north of her.  As the dust settled, she could see a huge cavern had opened up in the bottom of the White Wolf Mountain.  After checking on the refugees living near her portal, she went to investigate.  A huge massive cave had been exposed and there were deep rumbling sounds coming from within.

As she started to go inside, a movement caught her eye.  She turned around and there stood her two friends, Fate and Piper.  She never quite understood how they knew to show up when they did.  They had been friends for a long time, all three growing up together in the same orphanage.  Forming a friendship in their younger years that was still as strong if not stronger now always quick to defend one another from the cruel taunts of the other children that were at the orphanage.

 One day as destiny would have it, a rich merchant and his wife happened upon the orphanage. The woman, upon seeing the trio, quickly spoke to her husband and within the hour, Lady, Fate and Piper were on their way to their new home.  The couple was good and kind to them.  The merchant saw each of them had a natural talent for different things and quickly supplied an instructor for their talents.  Fate was taught the ways of the mage, Piper excelled in archery, especially the crossbow and Lady was quick and ruthless when it came to using a blade.  She always carried her dds every where she went.  They were also schooled in the arts of education; the best tutors in the land came to their fathers’ home to teach them.

They had been on numerous adventures together and worked well as a team.  Fate of Dreams, as she was known around the whole of Gielinor and beyond, was an accomplished mage, one of the best in the land and Piper Wood was a fierce ranger, known for her skill with the cross bow.  Lady was well known for her skill with the blade as well as her whip.  Sliding out her dds, she nodded to her companions. 

As the three of them entered the cave, they could hear movement, it sounded like feet shuffling on the hard packed earth floor of the cave.  As the light receded, Fate created a small glowing light so that they could see what was in front of them.  They had walked several hundred feet when a light up ahead appeared and they approached it cautiously.

Crouching behind a large rock, they peered over the top to see what was ahead.  There walking around were several small creatures that appeared to be trolls, but there was something different about them.   Spotting a ledge above them, they quietly climbed up so that they could get a better look at these creatures.

What they saw was a hybrid of sorts that looked like a troll but had only one eye.  Their mouths opening and closing, showed razor sharp teeth and they were a mix of green and grey in color.  There was a terrible stench coming from them that was unlike anything they had ever smelled.  These were no ordinary trolls.  Someone was mixing a troll with a Cyclops, which would be the only explanation for it. 

Looking at each other, they all knew they needed to get a closer look.  Piper pointed out a large section of rock that afforded them a hiding place, yet would let them observe these strange creatures.  Sliding down from the ledge, they quickly headed for the new position.  As they watched them, they heard a deeper growl from farther back in the cavern.  The trolls quickly gathered in a group and stood there.  Coming out of an opening in the back somewhere, was a much larger version of these standing there.  The larger troll grunted out an order and the smaller ones ran for the opening and disappeared into the darkness.

For a minute the larger one stood there just looking around and sniffing.  As it looked towards where we were hiding, it sensed something, as if it knew we were there.  Giving a large grunt, it turned and went back into the cave opening that it had come from.  We quickly made our way back to the entrance and knew we had to go farther in to see where they had come from.  If these things were to get out, Taverly and Burthorpe would be in grave danger. 

When they emerged from the cave, members of the Burthorpe guard were posted at the entrance and were there was a small party of men checking their weapons.  Approaching them, the trio reported what they had seen.  They offered their assistance in the further exploration of the cave.  After each of them restocked their supplies, they started back towards the cave. 

Walking back into the cave, they continued until they came to the spot where they first saw the trolls.  The stench of them was still there, but it wasn’t as bad as earlier.  They could hear noises coming from further back in the opening that the trolls had went into.  Drawing their weapons, they entered the cave.

They had been walking for nearly an hour when they stopped suddenly.  They could see the end of the tunnel and what they saw was not a good sight.  Looking for a place they could hide, they observed a much larger version of the trolls. This troll had what appeared to be giant bumps all over its body and there was something moving inside them.   It was chained to the wall in a sitting position, its arms where shackled as well as its legs by thick heaving chains.  Standing there in front of it was a man who was talking in a language they didn’t know.  There was something familiar about this man.  The smaller trolls were standing there as he continued talking. 

Suddenly, the giant let out a massive roar and from the bumps all over its body, came more of the smaller trolls.  There was only man who would they knew who would dare perform such a horrifying act, someone who wanted to take over the whole of Runescape.  Lady Sizzle knew she was looking at Lucien. Knowing that they had to let the Burthorpe guard know what was happening and to try and either destroy these creatures or trap them in these caves; they quickly eased back into the tunnel.  They couldn’t afford for any of these things to escape. 

Turning as if sensing there was someone there, Lucien shouted something to the trolls.  They began to run towards the tunnel.  The trio knew they had to make it back to the open cavern, it was the only place they could engage these creatures.  They had just barely made it back and had take up defensive positions when the first of them came through. 

Drawing out her Korasi blade, Lady Sizzle prepared to meet them.  As they came forth, she swung her blade; it caught one of them as it tried to bite her.  Piper began an assault of her own as did Fate.  By the time they were done, there were pieces of these hyrbrid trolls everywhere.    They heard shouting behind them and the Burthorpe Guard where there to back them up.  Just as soon as they took up their positions as a second wave of trolls came rushing forward, this time there was several of the larger trolls with them.

Fate and Piper started attacking the larger ones, while Lady and the Guard started hacking away at the smaller ones.  She saw one of the guards go down as 4 or 5 trolls jumped on him.  He screamed only once and then was silent.  Lady quickly ran to his position and quickly dispatched the trolls.  Feeling something on her back, she tried to reach around to grab it, when it suddenly fell off.  Looking at it, she noticed the bolt stuck in its head, nodding to Piper in thanks; she continued dispatching the evil little things.  As the last one fell, they heard a loud explosion.  The cave shook and dust came pouring from the tunnel that the trolls had come from.  Quickly running through the darkened tunnel, they found the entrance blocked.  Either this was an accident or Lucien had just blocked them finding out more about his actions.

After reporting to the head of the Guard, they all agreed to meet up here the next day.  They had to find another way into that cavern.  Lucien had to be stopped at all costs.  Entering her home, she quickly cleaned up and fell into a deep sleep.  When she awoke, the sun was just starting to come up and she quickly dressed and went to her bank vault.  They would need to find another way into that cavern and she thought she knew someone who could help.  The dwarves were the best at cave exploring and short of removing the rubble themselves, which would cost them probably almost a day, time was of the essence. 

Stepping out of her portal, she found Piper and Fate waiting for her.  She said she needed to go to her bank vault for more supplies, including food and a small selection of runes.  She told them she needed to go to Keldagrim to find a dwarf that would be willing to help them find another way into the cavern.  After getting what she needed they all teleported to Varrock, and made their way to the mine carts.  They quickly located Torvak; he was the best dwarf she knew for exploring caves.  Lady had met the elder dwarf once while exploring a cave near the entrance of Keldagrim.  He had shown her a secret entrance that he had found just by testing the limits of the walls outside of it.  He agreed to meet her and the others at the entrance in an hour and told them what they would need to bring.  After gathering all the supplies needed, they met at the entrance to the cavern.  The guards said it had been quiet, though every once in awhile you could hear a loud bellow of something that sounded like it was in pain.

Setting up camp, they knew until they found Lucien and stopped this new threat, they could not afford to be anywhere but a few feet from the cave.  This was not the first time they had been on guard duty, so they knew they had to be close in case the threat inside the cave became a threat to all of Taverly.

As they waited, they could hear the guards talk nervously about what some of them had seen.  The young guardsman that had been slain had been laid to rest and the others were on high alert.  Talking among themselves they knew they had to stop Lucien at all costs.  They all had lost friends to his madness, including some of their tutors who had taught them to use the talents each of them had been born with. 

They had watched as he struck down Kuradel, one of the greatest slayer masters in all the land.  Hazelmeer, the one who could commune with the spirit trees, and others.  They had mourned the passing of their friends and mentors.  They had been right there when Lucien had killed them.  They had vowed that they would find a way to stop his madness and to make all of Runescape a safer place to live.

By the time they had their camp set up, Torvak was there.  Without saying a word, he walked into the cavern and started looking around.  Asking us to show him where the cave in was, we walked back there, using lamps and a lighted orb that Fate had created.

Upon reaching the pile of rubble, he looked at it and said that it was far too dangerous to even try to remove the rubble, because more than likely the support from the top and sides was gone.  To even attempt it would be a grave mistake.  He walked around looking at the walls and put his ear to the walls themselves.  He said finding other ways through a cave was something most dwarves learned at an early age.  He told us what to do and what to listen for.  We all started knocking on the cave walls and Piper yelled when she found the wall that had a hollow sound to it.  He looked around for something that might trigger the door to open and when Torvak didn’t see one, he pushed on the door and it gave slightly.  Helping him push, the door swung inward into a tunnel that went straight ahead.    He said that when these caves were tunneled out, there was usually another one that was hidden in case of a cave in.  One of the guards handed him a torch and Fate again supplied us with a ball of light.  As we slowly made our way forward, we noticed torches in the wall.  Torvak started lighting them and that is when we noticed the writing and paintings on the wall.

Looking at Torvak, Fate said he should know what they mean.  He slowly nodded his head.  He said that this tunnel system had been built by a combined effort of Dwarves and Elves, long before the Elves retreated to their homeland.  We were silent for a minute as we looked at them and thought about what it implied.  Did we truly know the whole history of Runescape before the God Wars?  Torvak then slowly turned and continued walking.

When finally came to what seemed like a dead end.  This wall was different, we could clearly see the outline of the door, but it wouldn’t open.  We started checking for a triggering mechanism when one of the guards noticed a panel in the wall.  Torvak slid his hands against it and it opened up.  We could see a large room with a table in the middle. The room was deserted and looked like it hadn’t been used in a very long time.  One of the guards suddenly tripped on a small rock and the door we had found swung open.

We all made our way into the room with our weapons drawn.  This room appeared to be a meeting hall of some kind.  The table we had observed had ten chairs placed around it and in the back of each chair was a symbol for the races of Runescape.  Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Elf, and even Goblin.  We all looked at each other and knew we were thinking the same thing.  Here was proof that at some point in time, all the races were in harmony. 

Lady looked at Torvak and he just stood there.  He said according to Dwarven legend, all the races met in this room once a year to report how each race was doing and to help each other with any problems.  This history was kept in the hall of records and no one had access to it.  It was kept under lock and key.  No one was supposed to ever know the truth of this.  When she asked why, he said he didn’t have the answer to that question.  His father had told him the legends only once and most of dwarves believe it to be nothing but a myth.

Hearing sounds coming from outside the room they quickly went back through the door and shut it.  They knew they could observe from the panel.  Seeing a door open, there stood Lucien and an elder gnome.  Lucien asked how much longer they would need until the army was complete and the gnome said it would be another day or so and then they would have enough to invade Burthorpe and then spread out from there.  They could quickly attack Ardougne by crossing White Wolf Mountain.   The one place that would be hard to get to would be the Elven lands.  The rest would be accessible from Burthorpe. 

Lucien then asked if he had heard anything about where Lady Sizzle, Piper and Fate were and the gnome answered that they hadn’t been seen for hours.  His spies had informed him that none of the bordering towns or cities had been informed of the possible attack.  Lucien said they must move faster and that he wanted to increase the amount of creatures being bred.  He needed to attack before Lady and her friends could raise the alarm and raise an army.  He could not fail this time or he would be hunted by not only Lady and her friends but also by the rest of mahjarret, who currently supported him and the dragon kin too.

We watched as he and the gnome left the room and walked down a hallway.  Piper asked if there was a blueprint of the rooms that had been built somewhere in the Keldagrim hall of records.  He said he thought so, that he would have to speak to the king to get permission to look.  Fate said it would be a good idea if the three of them went with him to speak to him as they knew he would want to help them stop Lucien.  He slowly agreed to take them with him.  Lady informed the guard that they needed to return to Burthorpe and start sending out that Lucien was planning an attack on all the cities and towns and they needed to prepare for this attack. 

Teleporting back to Varrock, they took a cart back to the city and asked for a meeting with the king.  Informing of what they had seen and what they needed, he quickly agreed.  He arranged for us to be let into the hall of records and to be shown the documents we needed.  After finding that there was an ancient access tunnel from the city itself, we wondered if Lucien knew about this tunnel since he knew about the room and whatever else was down there.  We also knew we would need more people to help us battle Lucien.  We quickly contacted all the Slayer Masters and asked if they would be willing to help go after Lucien and to stop him.  They all agreed since they knew Lucien must be stopped at all costs. 

By the time we made it back to the cave in Taverly, a massive army was waiting for us.  There were warriors from all the races assembled.  There were even Werewolves and a few Vyrewatch for even they were in Lucien’s plan to be taken over.  The Myrque had come out of hiding to help us and we all were in awe that so many had come to help us defeat Lucien and his hybrid army.    Among  them were our clan, the mighty Wood knights; our fearless leader, Godo, Zdes22, Stuntman, Xcution, Bobo420, AlantePauper, Hvns Fire, and her husband Diesel, German Jesus, Roonda, The Lefthand, Mooberino, Brb XP Waste, and so many others were there to help us.   We knew from the plans that there was another massive cave and that had to be where Lucien would be.  Speaking to all of the leaders we decided who would be coming from what direction.  Torvak would lead the Gnome, Dwarves and Goblins from the tunnel from Keldagrim.  Lady, Fate and Piper would lead the rest from the hidden tunnel.  As were about to depart, we got a message that the Trolls wanted to join us and they knew another way into the cave system as Lucien had promised them they could have Burthorpe, but instead he had sealed their access to the town by caving in the tunnels.

The trolls quickly started to remove the rocks from the cave in and shored up the access tunnel as we made our way into the other tunnel.  We quickly took the route from meeting room to just outside the massive cavern.  Fate signaled Torvak that we were ready on our end and he said they were in place also.  With a might yell we ran into the cavern and caught Lucien by surprise.  As Lady led the assault again the hybrids, Fate and Piper quickly located Lucien and their group of started their attack on him.  We waged a great war on him and his hybrid army.  Many on both sides fell but Lucien was the greatest threat.  The mages kept up a constant attack on him as did the rangers.  Lady led the rest of the swordsman to the creature he had created.  We had to put it out of its misery as we could see it was in pain, but we also knew it was a danger to us.  We came in waves, hacking and slashing it and trying to stay away from its powerful hands. Godo had managed to get up behind it and as he plunged his sword into its massive head, it grabbed him and flung him across the room.  His body hit the wall with a sickening thud.  Lady ran over to him and he asked if it was dead and she nodded yes.  He said yes and to she told him to lie still that he would be okay.  They would get him out of the cave and to a healer. There was a terrible sadness in the room as we watched this pitiful creature die. Several members of the clan rushed Godo out of the cave to safety since Lucien had just watched his creation die.

We turned back to see that Lucien had suffered a great deal of damage but was somehow staying alive.  As the mages prepared for another attack, Lucien let out a great scream and fell to the ground.  We stopped and looked at him.  He was on his knees and there was an eerie green glow coming from him as he looked at us and started to laugh.

 The glow became brighter and he admitted defeat and declared he would not die that day, but that he would be back.  We had to shield our eyes as the light became too intense to look at.  Suddenly it was gone and Lucien with it.  Looking around we could see that the smaller hybrid creatures were falling to the floor and that the much larger ones looked like they were melting.  Without Lucien’s’ magic to sustain their life, their forms were dissolving.

There was a huge uproar of cheering from those who had survived the battle.  We considered ourselves lucky that most of our army had lived.  Lady, Piper and Fate quickly made their way out of the cave and gathered around Godo as he lay there.  We watched as he looked around and then at us, taking his last breath, he closed his eyes and was gone.  We sat there in disbelief, our clan leader was gone and things would never the same.  He had been an inspiration to us all and had been a big part of our lives.  There had been many times we had gathered as a clan and had shared fun and laughter with this might warrior.  We vowed upon his life he would always be remembered in our hearts.  Addressing the crowd, Lady, Piper and Fate informed the others that Godo had fallen as he had taken out the troll.  There was a hush that grew over the others as they said their silent goodbyes to him.  The three thanked all those who had come to fight the evil that had threatened the whole of Runescape.  It was a small turning point, but one day they hoped that all the races would somehow overcome their differences and learn to live in peace. 

As the crowd of warriors, mages and rangers left Taverly; the trio stood there together and embraced one another and mourned for the loss of their fellow clan mates and other friends; Godo, Brb XP Waste, German Jesus,  Stormy Heart, The Lefthand and so many others who had given their lives for the greater good.   Lady had lost one of her greatest friends; Flame is God to Luciens’ assault on their group.  She had met him when she had first started adventuring on her own and they quickly bonded as friends. Torvak said he would speak to the king about dismantling the tunnels so that no one could access them again.  The trio agreed to keep the secret of the Dwarven legends of when the races were once united. 

The clan met at their Citadel to have a memorial service for those who had died in the fierce battle.  They had erected a memorial wall so that their fallen comrades would never be forgotten.  We buried Godo there as well as placing a statue of our fallen clan mates.  Lady vowed that someday, Lucien would pay for the lives he had taken.  Before leaving and traveling to their homes, they embraced one another on last time and said a silent prayer.  The trio had a bond that had managed to survive through many a fight and adventures and it would continue to grow. 

As they all went their separate ways, they knew it wouldn’t be long until another adventure would bring them back together. 

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