Daddy Styles?!?

What would happen if harry styles had 2 twin babies when he was 6 because of some scientists inhuman idea?And more importantly what would happen if the world found out.......


6. WTF!?!?!

Jordan POV

"But Jordan you have to come it will be amazing we promise" Harley and Jade said over the phone. "I'm sorry babes but I'm really busy i can't go i will call you later luv ya" and then I hung up before they could reply.They said that they were taking me somewhere special and it was a once in a life time thing.Oh we'll it's most likely getting a signature from one direction.I can get that anytime hehehe. I just finished getting Nandos for my leprechaun lover <3 the others will most likely steal some so i got extra. And as I walked though the door I saw something I never wanted to see in my house.

Jade POV

OMG Harley and I are in one directions house and we got a hug from all of them!!! We won a competition where we get to be with one direction in their house for 2 days. I wish Jordan was here though. :( anyway we heard the door open and then Louis jumped up screaming "MY CARROT PRINCESS I MISSED YOU NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN!!!!" Then Louis kissed them on the lips!!" Aaa aw I missed you to my carrot prince!!!" IT WAS JORDAN.Then Niall jumped up "MY LEPRECHAUN LOVER DID U GET MY NANDOS???" He said befor he kissed her!!! I looked at Harley she was fuming!! "Naaaw missed u my leprechaun lover and of course I did!!" Then Liam jumped up "MY FORK FRIEND DID U BRING ME MY FORKS I MISSED YOU!!" Then guess what he did he kissed her on the lips aswel!!! Then Jordan said "I missed you too and of course I bought you your forks that's what fork buddies are for!!!" Then Zayn Jumped up kissed her on the lips and said "REFLECTIVE SURFACE BUDDY I MISSED YOU DID YOU BRING ME A MIRROR?!?!" "Course I did that's why I'm called your reflective surface buddy!!" Then Harry jumped up kissed her on the lips!!! I almost screamed then he said "BABYCAKES I MISSED YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NEVER LEAVE AGAIN I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH " then he kept kissing her over and over then she said. "Aaaw I missed you to!!! I love you soo much!!" Then she saw me and Harley and she looked like she saw a ghost then Harley and I screamed "WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING KISSING OUR MEN!!!!!!"
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