Daddy Styles?!?

What would happen if harry styles had 2 twin babies when he was 6 because of some scientists inhuman idea?And more importantly what would happen if the world found out.......


5. Who's The Daddy?

Harley POV

I sat at the lunch table next to Jade and Rory the day after the concert, I hadn't seen Jordan since the night before when she ran off the stage at One Direction; crying? "Ok" Rory said putting his arm around me "so tell me again what happened?" Oh my Rory.. we had told him what had happened with Jordan the night before at least 4 times now.. and he still didn't know what we were talking about, Oh my.. hes not the brightest crayon in the box is he? but I don't care, hes perfect to me. "Oh my god.. okay, we arrived at the concert and went to our area, sound check, front row" Jade smiled and giggled before continuing with her story "and then half way though the concert, Zayn -the one with black hair Rory, pulled her on stage, the boys started talking to her and then she ran back stage, crying?" Jade explained to him. "wasn't she meant to stay at yours last night baby?" Rory said Turing his head from Jade to Me as he said it. "Yup, I don't know what happened to her, she sent me a text message saying she got a lift home." I said. "You don't think she was abducted do you?" Rory asked us "Nah, we called her when we got back to Harley's, you know, just to make sure, and she said she was at home and her dad came to pick her up." Jade said shoving lollies into her mouth. "I dont think I've ever seen her dad." Rory said changing the tone of his voice. "Nobody has" Jade said with her mouth half full. "even you?" He said turning to me. "Never seen him, heard of him never even been to her house?, whenever we ask about her dad she always changes the subject or pretends she didn't hear us altogether" I said back to him. "Maybe he's dead?" Rory suggested. Jade Raised her eyebrow and pointed at him as if to agree with him. "How could he be dead when he picked her up from the concert last night?" I argued. "Maybe, She is related to someone in the band?" Jade suggested? "YES!" Rory said giving Jade a high-five. I rolled my eyes..   "Babe, whats the one with the curls called?" He asked "Harry".  "Yes!, maybe Harry is her Dad!" He said confidently  "He's 18 you sh*t head, and hes mine!" Jade said before hitting him across the head. "Maybe, hes not really 18! maybe hes like really old like 30? and hes in disguise to make more money? and he has a 13 year old daughter.. JORDAN!" Rory said .. loudly.  "You idiot" I said. Just then the bell rang for afternoon classes, Rory helped me out of my chair and we walked down the hall to class hand in hand. 


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