Daddy Styles?!?

What would happen if harry styles had 2 twin babies when he was 6 because of some scientists inhuman idea?And more importantly what would happen if the world found out.......


3. VIP tickets

Jordan POV

"JORDAN GET YOUR BUT HERE NOW!!!!"my best friend harley screamed. Harley is another of my best friends.She is really athletic perfect weight long straight blonde hair with blue tip dye she has a light natural tan and has beautiful grey eyes, She has a boyfriend called Rory Lockheart .She is extremley popular but dosent realize it."what do you want harley?" "I GOT US VIP TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION YOU ME AND JADE!!!!! EEEEE!!!" harley screamed at me and my mouth just dropped"for when?"i asked being as calm as possible"TOMORROW"oh s**t .Thats when my dad and uncles wanted to take me.Oh well ill just text them i hope they dont see me otherwise they might talk to me and that will end up reallyyyy bad."OMG sure id love to go it will be sooooo fun."

Hey BabyCakes where are you lou want his carrot princess back xx Daddy

I will be home soon school just finished and can i please go somewhere with harley tomorrow night and sleepover pweaseeee daddy xxx BabyCakes

Sure thing hun but ur carrot prince wont be happy about that he was looking forward to embarass u on stage along with the others :P xx Daddy


Wuv u 2 BabyCakes xxx Daddy\

"I can go" I told harley."YAAAY WE MIGHT MEET THEM THAT WOULD BE PHONOMANIALL!!"she screamed at me YET AGAIN!"Harley dont you have a boyfriend?" Yes but niall is well OH SHHHH NIALL DOSENT KNOW THAT!" " Harley Harley Harley what am i going to do with you?and how did jadey act?" "she passed out" she said simply.then we just looked at each other and burst out laughing Oh Jade what are we going to do with her?" we said at the same time "JINX" Harley screamed "see you at the concert on friday!" harley scraemed "LUV YA BBZ"i called "LUV U TO !" she yelled back


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