Daddy Styles?!?

What would happen if harry styles had 2 twin babies when he was 6 because of some scientists inhuman idea?And more importantly what would happen if the world found out.......


4. Night of Concert

Jordan POV

"OMG WE ARE HERE THEY ARE ABOUT TO COME ON STAGE" jade and harley ranted on and i just looked at them trying not to giggle. All of a sudden my eardrums burst as they walked onto the stage.all i could hear was teenage girls screaming "OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!"


"So how are guys going tonight?"Shouted my Dad. and all you could hear was a mount of screaming for all the things they said.Then all of a sudden i was heaved up onto the stage!"AGGGGHHHH" i screamed "hello luv how are you?"Zayn asked me Oh im fine even thought i just got yanked onto a flipping stage!I Screamed, but inside my head so nobody else could hear it but me. "Ohh..umm fine I guess," I Said quietly into the mic. "Soo," My Father said as he started walking over to me. SH*T! "Whats your name?" He said raising a eyebrow "Don't have one!" I said confidently and hundreds of teenage girls started laughing.I could see Harley and Jade screaming and saying to everyone.. THATS MY BEST FRIEND!! Dad frowned at me " name is Jordan" I said looking down. "Jordan!" Uncle Louis said. "Give it up for Jordan!" My Uncle Niall and Liam said in unison. My Daddy stared right into my eyes.. he wasn't happy! "So Jordan, You ever told a lie?" My dad said sternly. As soon as my Dad said this music started playing and Uncle Liam started the first verse of 'Tell Me A Lie'. 

"Can't ever get it right,I

no matter how hard I tried,

And I've tried"


He sung in perfect harmony. I looked at my father he had disappointment in his eyes. "Dad, I'm sorry" I whispered but I know he hared me. He stepped forward to sing his part of the song. Remembering I was still on stage with tears running down my face, I ran off, I ran back stage and kept running. "Jordan!" My dads agent Rachel screamed at me. I didn't turn around I just kept running. I kept running until I found the boys dressing rooms. I ran Into Uncle Lou's dressing room and cried and cried and cried. 

Harry POV

"WHY DID YOU PULL HER ONTO THE STAGE!" I screamed to zayn! as we ran off the stage once the concert was over. "So you could see she was there!" he said back to me like nothing had happened at all! "We all knew she was there we purposely ignored it!" Niall shouted to Zayn in his broad Irish accent that all the girls seemed to go crazy for. "DO YOU KNOW HOW UPSET SHE'S GONNA BE!" Louis joined in, he really cared about his carrot princess. "Will you guys just SHUT UP! and help look for her!" Liam shouted at all of us. He really was the responsible one. Me and the other boys along with Rachel and Paul started looking for Jordan, She never lies to me she would be beating her self up, I wasnt mad t her, I know she didnt want to let her friends down. "Shes in here!" Lou shouted form his dressing room. "Babycakes,come 'er" I said walking over to her with open arms. "Daddy, I'm so sorry!" She blubbered. " Its okay," I smiled at her, "lets go home". 



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